Review: Mars Attacks KISS


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The weekly invasion continues here! In 1970s New York, four teens are handed the power to become godlike figures… unless some attacking Martians find a way to steal that power for themselves! A tale torn from the original 1976 Kiss comic, courtesy of Chris “God of Thunder” Ryall and Alan “War Machine” Robinson!

Mars continues to attack IDW in the second installment of the weekly event. This time the alien invaders go head-to-head with the fearsome foursome of rock- KISS. The story is written by Chris Ryall with Alan Robinson on art. Jay Fotos provides colors with Shawn Lee providing lettering. As Mars attacks, does KISS rock out with a smash-hit or is this a one-hit wonder?

mars attacks kissOur story takes place in 1970s New York as four teens who have formed a band are going about their business of trying to come up with a great song title. Little do they know that a Martian invasion is out there in the dark depths of space. The Elder is out in space sensing the Destroyer’s forces are at work. Earth is in need of four heroes and the box of Khyscz is the key. While plans are being laid, the rascally Martians get hold of the power of the four-who-are-one. Then things get crazy as four KISS Martians wreck havoc on the earth with nothing standing in their way but the four teens we know form the greatest band in rock history. Can the four band mates stop the super powered, KISS-ized Martians?

It’s been a while since I’ve read a KISS comic, but Ryall does an apt job at capturing the cornball style the comics and the TV movie KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park had. The band and the super aliens alike spout off song titles as they lay waste to the big city. At times it comes off a little too cliché and cheesy though. There’s a few instances where the reader will roll their eyes at the way lines are delivered. Robinson does an excellent job along with Fotos colors to make the KISS Martians a perfect mixture of the two properties.

Bottom Line: KISS fans and Mars Attacks fans will probably be pleased with this installment in the five-part event. Casual readers of either beloved franchise may find it a bit corny, but it’s a fun trip. With great art and a fun and rocking story, this is another stop in what seems to be a pretty fun miniseries 3.5/5


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