Review: Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #3

Review of: Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #3
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Al Ewing

Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #3

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On November 13, 2013
Last modified:November 12, 2013


Mars Attack Judge Dredd is just a flat out fun book.

The Martian mayhem continues in Mega-City One! Dredd leads a detail of Judges in a bloody firefight with Martian forces, while scientists at HQ attempt to discover the nature of the mysterious metal sphere found in the city. But it may be too late to prevent a full-scale Martian invasion!

The pesky invaders from Mars take on the Judges of Mega-City One in IDW’s big crossover event. Mars Attacks Judge Dredd is written by Al Ewing with art from John McCrea. Jay Fotos handles colors and Shawn Lee provides lettering. So how does the penultimate issue of the crossover measure up?

Judge Anderson was able to glean some details about the Martian invasion and find out that the little green men weren’t muties after all. The Martians have partnered up with the criminal underworld to help carry out their plans, and Judge Dredd leads an assault on the mob’s latest meeting. It’s a shootout as man vs. Martian. When the true nature of the aliens’ plans are revealed, can Dredd and the Judges of Mega-City One get things under control? The Martians are attacking all across the world, but can they succeed with Dredd still alive?

Ewing writes another fast-paced, action-packed, hilarious issue. The endgame has begun and the Martians plans have finally been revealed. They are still the funny Martians we know and love, but Ewing makes them a little more competent with the way their plan is accomplished. A lot of recent Mars Attack entries have had bumbling incompetent aliens. Ewing makes bumbling but kind of competent aliens. McCrea’s art is a fantastic mix of the hard Judge Dredd comics with the stylistic flourish you want in Mars Attack. There are a few splash pages with some striking images of Dredd.  That’s elevated, of course, by the brilliant color work of Fotos. Things are bright, vibrant, and pop-y.

Bottom Line: Mars Attack Judge Dredd is just a flat out fun book. Things are really going to get going in the finale, but the trip to the conclusions have been an interesting one. 4/5

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