Review: Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #2

Review of: Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #2
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Al Ewing

Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #2

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On October 9, 2013
Last modified:October 8, 2013


Mars Attacks Judge Dredd is just a flat out fun story.

The Martian mayhem continues in Mega-City One! It’s all-out gang war as the Martians help muscle in on as much territory as possible. Meanwhile, Dredd brings in one of the Mafia dons for interrogation, and what Judge Anderson discovers sends chills down her spine. And what’s inside the mysterious sphere found in the Mafia nightclub?

Judge Dredd is on a new case and it’s out of this world. The crossover event fans have been waiting for continues this week in the pages of Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #2. The story is written by Al Ewing with art by John McCrea. Jay Fotos handles colors and Shawn Lee provides lettering. Have the Martians meet their match with Mega-City One’s toughest Judge?

All across the world the Martians are helping out certain members of the largest criminal organizations edge out the competition. It appears Mars is Attacking crime to soften the planet up for a much larger plan. Dredd is on the case, but he hasn’t made the connection. He’s too busy fighting a giant bug for his life. It is Judge Dredd, and this is only issue #2 of 4, so he makes it out and works on the only lead he has: Don Mumbletti. Dredd brings the Don in for an interrogation. Judge Anderson is brought in to see what she can find batting around in Mumbletti’s mind. He has some pretty serious “firewalls” thanks to some little green men.  The Judges can’t hold Mumbletti since they don’t have any evidence, but Dredd just needs to keep an eye on him long enough to enact a plan that isn’t exactly aboveboard. When Mumbletti goes to meet with the other Dons and their mysterious benefactors, Dredd finds out something bigger and more dangerous is going on. Can Dredd accept the fact he isn’t fighting mutants? Does he stand a chance against one of the deadliest forces in the universe?

Ewing writes a tense, action-packed, yet hilarious story. He presents what could be a solid Judge Dredd story and kicks it up a notch with the mysterious involvement of the Martians. We still haven’t seen them do a lot, but they’re working behind the scenes and appear to be ready to appear in a big way next issue. Judge Dredd and Mars Attacks coming together could easily turn into a cheesy crossover, but Ewing keeps it funny while still giving it the seriousness and weight it deserves. McCrea’s Dredd art is fantastic. He’s done some stories in that universe before, so he can nail those aspects down well. His Martians are a little taller and leaner than we’re used to, but they’re still very much the classic Martians we know and fear. Fotos’ colors are brilliant.  He fits well with McCrea’s more classic Dredd approach but keeps things bright and vibrant for the Mars Attacks side of things. The trippy artwork accompanying Anderson’s visions are handled brilliantly.

Bottom Line: Mars Attacks Judge Dredd is just a flat out fun story. It’s serious where it needs to be, it’s funny most of the time, and it’s setting up what we all hope is an epic showdown between Dredd and the Martians. Ewing has a nice take on the story and it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the two remaining issues. 4/5

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