Review: Mars Attacks: First Born #2

Review of: Mars Attacks: First Born #2
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Chris Ryall

Mars Attacks: First Born #2

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On June 25, 2014
Last modified:June 25, 2014


Ryall and Kieth have a very unique style when they get together, and it’s working really well with this one.

Post-invasion, an abandoned earth-born Martian was taken in by Uncle Woody and his blind niece. But the infant isn’t the only Martian still here… and the others are much more warlike, especially when they learn of the baby’s location amidst the human survivors.

Mars Attacks: First Born is back this month with the release of issue #2 of the four-part series. The story is from Chris Ryall and Sam Kieth with Ryall handling the script. Kieth tackles the art with Shawn Lee pitching in with lettering. The first issue got things off to a very interesting start, but how does round 2 fare?

Mars attacked, then they left. The people that survived the Martian onslaught are trying to come to terms with the new ‘normal.’ Uncle Woody took in his niece, who was blinded during the attack, and tries to take care of her as best he can. Things are complicated by the fact that the little girl found a baby Martian and adopted it as her own child. She can’t see that the baby is part of the race that nearly destroyed the world, so you can imagine how Woody has to walk on eggshells. Last we saw Woody, he went off on a special mission and he hasn’t returned. When two boys stumble upon Woody’s workshop and finds his niece and the odd little baby, they decide they’ll help the niece track him down. Where has Uncle Woody gone? How will the outside world react to ‘baby?’ Why haven’t the Martians come back for one of their own?

Ryall writes another strong issue. Mars Attack stories seem to have a predictable structure, but Ryall and Kieth do something different by exploring what happens after the Martians leave. This is a very emotional and raw story much like the duos previous miniseries, The Hollows. It’s a unique approach that only Ryall and Kieth could pull off and actually make work. Kieth’s art is great as usual. His unique style works surprisingly well with Mars Attacks and his Martians and spaceships are gorgeous. Making a baby Martian, and making a cute one at that, may be a big no-no to some fans, but Kieth makes it work and makes up for it with the intensity of his scary, grown-up Martians.

Bottom Line: Mars Attacks: First Born is a different kind of Mars Attacks story. Ryall and Kieth have a very unique style when they get together, and it’s working really well with this one. With two issues left to go, it will be interesting to see where they take this next. 4/5

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