Review: Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #13

Review of: Green Hornet #13
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Mark Waid

Green Hornet #13

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On June 25, 2014
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While this serves as an end, hopefully it isn’t THE end for Waid and the Green Horrnet.

FINAL ISSUE!!! The grand finale–and the ultimate victor stands bloodied but unbowed! Will it be Britt Reid–or the Green Hornet?

Mark Waid’s Green Hornet run comes to an end this week with the release of issue #13. Joining Waid for the big finale is artist Ronilson Freire, colorist Marcio Menyz, and Troy Peteri with lettering. The Green Hornet has been a thrilling adventure from the start, but does Waid stick the landing?

When last we saw Britt Reid and Kato, they had decided to retire from a life of pretending to be criminals to actually do some good. But just when Britt thought he was out, he’s pulled back in when it’s discovered someone has broken into his home and stolen his Green Hornet costume and gear. He and Kato have to race to find the perpetrator before everything they’ve recently accomplished gets undone. The new Green Hornet is a little more reckless than Britt and that doesn’t set well with our hero. All the while the criminal underworld is making great use of the power vacuum left in the wake of the Green Hornet’s ‘death.’ Some unlikely allies are forged and even more unlikely characters become vicious in the fight for power. Can Britt find the imposter in time? Why did they want the costume and kit in the first place? Will Britt Reid ever be able to truly retire from his life as the Green Hornet?

Waid writes an utterly astounding issue. Chaos reigns supreme in the wake of the Green Hornet’s ‘death’ and the criminal elements Britt made bedfellows of are loving every minute of it. Waid throws readers for a loop when it comes to the identity of the new Green Hornet. He pulls a Usual Suspects and Keyser Soze’s us. Something hasn’t set right with a particular part of Waid’s run, and now we see why. It’s a great bit of work that makes the actual finale hit that much harder. Freire’s art is solid as always. He uses shadows and positioning well to keep the secret of the Green Hornet going until the reveal is made. The artist also relishes the more violent parts of the script without taking it feel over the top. The final few pages are just fantastic and really get the blood pumping with its imagery. Peteri’s colors are bright and vivid, serving the story well. The bold use of bright colors and the repeating greens give the story a real feeling of grandiose.

Bottom Line: Waid and company send their Green Hornet run out in style. Everything was building up to issue #12, but the final issue is where things really break loose and gives you what you’ve been waiting for. While this serves as an end, hopefully it isn’t THE end for Waid and the Green Horrnet. 5/5

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