Review: Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #10

Review of: The Green Hornet #10
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Mark Waid

The Green Hornet #10

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On March 5, 2014
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The Green Hornet continues to gives us a good old-fashioned pulp-y story each and every issue.

The dragnet is closing around the Green Hornet–in no small part because crusading radio journalist Britt Reid is leading the hunt! But–isn’t Britt Reid the Hornet…?

The Green Hornet is back this month in the 10th issue of his new series. The story is written by Mark Waid with art by Ronilson Freire. Marcio Menyz handles colors with Troy Peteri providing lettering. The FBI has moved in and taken over the search for the Hornet, but how close is our hero to getting caught?

When last we saw the Hornet, the FBI had taken over the investigation into our hero who poses as the city’s most fearsome criminal to fight crime from the inside. The FBI casts a wide net and hopes to ensnare the Hornet and Kato. Meanwhile, Britt Reid and Kato are trying to get to the bottom of the recent wave of industrial sabotage from the Germans and their agents within the mechanism of industry itself. The Hornet has gotten hold of a hostage and is starting to make some headway. There’s a Nazi agent rolling through town broadcasting messages across the airwaves, but the Hornet can’t track him down. Kato fires up the Black Beauty and the hunt for the mysterious broadcaster hits the streets. Can the Hornet stop these rogue broadcasts? Will the FBI close in on our heroes in the process?

Waid writes a fast-paced and more action-packed issue this month. The Black Beauty gets to take part in a rather impressive chase sequence where Kato gets to use the full line-up of the car’s special armaments. Waid also dives into the FBI’s investigation and gives us a little more information regarding the larger machinations in play as well. There’s a lot to keep track of this month, but things have really been fleshed out these last few issues. Freire’s art is solid. The chase scenes involving the Black Beauty are the standout pages this issue. The car is armed to the teeth and we get to see the wide variety of gadgets and weaponry Kato put inside the iconic ride. The duo are chasing down a GM Futurliner that looks massive and futuristic as well. Some of the character’s faces are a little similar and it’s hard to track who exactly is doing what in a few panels, but the dialogue and setting clears it up. Menyz’s colors are really bright and vibrant this month since Kato and the Hornet are outdoors in the sunlight this time.

Bottom Line: The Green Hornet continues to gives us a good old-fashioned pulp-y story each and every issue. This time around things happen a little faster than they have been, but finally seeing the Black Beauty getting some real action will be a crowd pleaser. 3.5/5

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