Review: Manifest Destiny #8

Review of: Manifest Destiny #8
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Chris Dingess

Manifest Destiny #8

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On July 16, 2014
Last modified:July 16, 2014


Manifest Destiny continues to prove it’s destined for greatness.

Neither land nor water is safe from this new breed of river monster…

The journey continues this month in the pages of Manifest Destiny #8. The story is written by Chris Dingess with art by Matthew Roberts. Owen Gieni handles colors with Pat Brosseau providing lettering. Louis and Clark thought the waters were safe, but they were proven very wrong. Will their mistake cost them or their crew their lives?

Lewis, Clark, and their crew were traveling down the river thinking all was finally going well. Then they found out something deadlier than the buffalo bull-men was lurking under the water’s surface. Now with the crew, and Lewis and Clark, split between land and the boat, it’s a struggle to stay alive as everyone tries to devise a plan to reunite the two camps. What new threats are hiding in this stretch of woods? Can Lewis figure out a way to get past the giant dangerous frog waiting to eat anyone that dips their toe in the waters?

Dingess writes a solid issue. There is real tension as the two camps try to acclimate to their current situations. The camp stranded on the shore seem to be in the most danger right now, but Lewis and the ship’s crew have their own threats to deal with. Some of the character work that has been building the last few issues start to pay off, especially with Sacagawea getting more to do this month. Roberts’ art is great as always. There are equal parts character moments and big monster action, and the artist handles each scene with equal skill and amount of detail. There is a new creature or two this month, and Roberts does a good job of inflating reality and serving up something truly unsettling. Gieni’s colors are a little more subdued than the usual bright and vibrant pallet, but it works with the sense of foreboding and the story taking place in and around the water. Roberts and Gieni continue to be a truly dynamic duo that offers up some stunning visuals month in and month out.

Bottom Line: Manifest Destiny continues to prove it’s destined for greatness. This new story arc is adding some new complications for our band of explorers, and I for one can’t wait to see what happens next. 4/5

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