Review: Manifest Destiny #7

Review of: Manifest Destiny #7
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Chris Dingess

Manifest Destiny #7

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On June 11, 2014
Last modified:June 10, 2014


Manifest Destiny adjusts course and heads out into another new and unexplored piece of territory.

Lewis, Clark and the surviving members of their expedition continue westward, only to learn there is nowhere to run on the river…

A new arc kicks off this week in the pages of Manifest Destiny #7 from Image comics. The story is written by Chris Dingess with art from Matthew Roberts. Owen Gieni handles colors with Pat Brosseau providing lettering. The first leg of Lewis and Clark’s adventure was a real thrill ride, but how does the next section of the journey fare?

After narrowly escaping the plant-like infestation at La Charrette, Lewis, Clark, Sacagawea, the crew and the few survivors from the fort have decided to push on and explore the next section of uncharted land. With the land proving fatal, Lewis and Clark have decided to keep to the boat and travel down the river as long as they can. Tensions are running high with the surviving inhabitants of the fort coming aboard, but things are moving along as normally as an expedition like this can. They thought sticking to the river was their best option, but what happens when they discover there are stranger and possibly more deadly things lurking just below the surface? Will Lewis and Clark ever catch a break? Will they be able to keep their crew together after another encounter with a giant beastie?

Dingess does a great job of steering the book in a new direction. This issue calls back to the beginning of the series with its structure and the slow burn to the big monster reveal. This is mainly a dramatic story about the characters and what’s going on aboard the ship. Lewis and Clark have butted heads the entire time, but now we’re starting to see them go in different directions when it comes to certain things. Dingess has done a good job of balancing the plot and character development with the big, action-packed thrills and chills the monster reveals brings. Roberts’ art is perfect as always. This issue is largely contained on the boat, but with the story taking place in several locations on and around the ship, the artist gets to have a lot of fun with the settings and his amazing attention to detail. The page layouts, panels, and way Roberts splits the past and present on one page in particular, makes everything very dynamic and really pulls your eyes along as you read. Gieni’s colors are once again a perfect complement to the art. I say this is one of the best colored books every month, and it’s true once again.

Bottom Line: Manifest Destiny adjusts course and heads out into another new and unexplored piece of territory. The land was deadly, but the river may be worse. We’ll have to keep reading to find out, but I don’t think anyone is jumping overboard yet. 4.5/5

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