Review: Manifest Destiny #6

Review of: Manifest Destiny #6
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Chris Dingess

Manifest Destiny #6

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On April 9, 2014
Last modified:April 9, 2014


Manifest Destiny ends chapter one on an incredible high and sets up some interesting things for the future.

With the flora infestation overrunning their outpost, can Lewis and Clark deliver frontier justice to a savage, savage world? The first chapter of their thrilling ongoing adventure ends here!

The first chapter of Manifest Destiny comes to an end this month with the release of issue #6. The story is written by Chris Dingess with art by Matthew Roberts. Owen Gieni handles colors with Pat Brosseau providing lettering. Manifest Destiny has been a home run so far, but does the first arc go out with a bang?

Lewis and Clark are leading a band of men deep into the woods to confront the mysterious plant infestation that has taken over man and beast alike. When last we saw the group, they were surrounded by plant-infested animals who looked eager to take a chunk out of their prey. It’s an all-out war as man vs. beast with the highest stakes imaginable. When Lewis and Clark run into one of the leaders of the plant zombies, they find a few answers and even more questions. Who will save them from the clutches of the giant alien plant? Will they be able to regroup and end this once and for all?

Dingess writes a stellar finale for the first arc. With equal parts action, plot, and drama, Dingess has found a great balance for this issue and the series as a whole. There are some surprising developments with Lewis and Clark, giving us even more insight into both men. The first leg of the journey has ended and it’s onward and upward to new threats and locals. Roberts’ art is great as always. Roberts and colorist Gieni work together perfectly and present one of the sharpest and best colored books out there right now. The story is great, but the artistic duo are the real stars of Manifest Destiny. There hasn’t been an issue yet that doesn’t warrant two or three more flip-throughs to study the art.

Bottom Line: Manifest Destiny ends chapter one on an incredible high and sets up some interesting things for the future. Month in and month out I give this book my highest of recommendations, and Dingess and company continue to deliver. 4.5/5

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