Review: Manifest Destiny #5

Review of: Manifest Destiny #5
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Chris Dingess

Manifest Destiny #5

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On March 12, 2014
Last modified:March 12, 2014


Manifest Destiny is five for five right now.

Trapped in the wilderness, supplies and ammo dwindling, Lewis and Clark’s expedition appears doomed to failure. And that’s before their infected men begin to turn…

A new installment of Manifest Destiny hits this week with the release of issue #5. The story is written by Chris Dingess with pencils and inks by Matthew Roberts. Owen Gieni handles colors with Pat Brosseau providing lettering. Last month gave us a bit of a breather as the story was fleshed out, but does this issue take us back to the fast-paced action and adventure territory?

Lewis, Clark, and their band of men are still trapped within the walls of the Fort La Charrette. Sgt. Floyd has been turned into one of the plant/zombie creatures and he’s ready to kill everyone in sight. Lewis would like to study Floyd because he thinks there still is a little bit of the man left inside the beast. Clark would much rather just set him on fire now and put the man out of his misery. After a quick and inventive compromise, the fort is cleared of danger for the time being. When the expedition regroups on the ship and relays their story to the team that stayed behind, a plan must be formulated for what to do next. Lewis and Clark have a mission to clear the Louisiana Territory from all manner of danger, but their crew isn’t as gung-ho. Can Lewis and Clark give the crew a much needed morale boost on their resupply run? What role does the mysterious Sacagawea play in all of this? What danger really does lurk in the woods?

Dingess writes another fantastic issue. This one finds a fantastic balance between all-out action and plot development. We see the team leave the fort and begin the next leg of their journey. Some questions are answered and some very intriguing new ones are raised. Dingess finds interesting ways to flesh out each and every character without weighing things down with lengthy exposition. This is a tightly paced and really entertaining story. Roberts’ art continues to be visually stunning each and every issue. The level of detail and sheer creepiness of the plant/zombie creatures are astounding. The character work is top notch and the backgrounds make you stop after each page to soak in the details and scope of it all.  Gieni’s colors are a perfect complement to the art. It’s bright and vivid, which makes for some breathtaking landscapes. The last page will definitely get people talking too.

Bottom Line: Manifest Destiny is five for five right now. Rarely does a series start so strong out of the gate and continue to keep up the same level of quality. 5/5

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