Review: Manifest Destiny #3


Lewis and Clark arrive at La Charette — the last settlement on the western frontier — to rescue all its inhabitants and scavenge supplies. But all they’ll really find is horror…

manifest coverThe third issue of the historically fictionalized, but thrilling adventures of Lewis and Clark continues this week in Manifest Destiny #3. The story is written by Chris Dingess with art from Matthew Roberts and Owen Gieni. The first two issues were great, but is the third time still a charm?

Lewis, Clark, and their band of hired men are holed up in the fort at La Charette. After being chased by the buffalo/minotaur creatures that we haven’t quite settled on a name for yet, they find they’ve stumbled upon some strange inhabitants inside the fort. Some zombie like creatures, who appear to be more fauna based than anything, start slowly shambling and attacking. Attacked from within and without, Lewis and Clark are left with no other option but to fight. Thankfully the plant zombies aren’t the only people inside the fort. With a very small band of survivors left, our two heroes get the story on what has happened to the people inside the fort. The monsters outside are still a problem though. Lewis and Clark still have to meet up with the young Indian girl that will guide them. How will she fair out there on her own dealing with giant buffalo minotaur creatures?

Dingess writes another great issue. Most series start to get into their groove and settle down a little after their explosive first issue, but Manifest Destiny is a book that consistently excites and pleases with little to no downtown. This issue also offers up a lot more humor as well. Historical fiction is hard, writing a good comic is hard, but Dingess makes it look so easy. The art and coloring on the title is just as fantastic. Each page and each panel is just as visually stunning and vibrant as the last. Dingess writes a good story, don’t get me wrong, but if they ever wanted to do a silent issue it would still probably be just as good.

Bottom Line: It is way too early to start making best comics of the year lists, but we can safely put Manifest Destiny on the contenders list at least. As a history buff and a lover of all things weird, kooky, and slightly off kilter, I can’t recommend Manifest Destiny enough. 5/5

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