Review: MacGyver Fugitive Gauntlet #2


The new comic series continues, co-written by MacGyver creator Lee David Zlotoff! Trapped in Cairo and hunted by both Chinese Intelligence and an army of hitmen for a crime they didn’t commit, MacGyver and Kari race against the clock to find a traitor before their time runs out!

It seems like Image picked a great time to release the MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet miniseries. Besides it being a great book, it has the added bonus of the recently announced MacGyver movie going for it. All publicity is good publicity, so there may be some new readers since that particular announcement. The second issue of the Fugitive Gauntlet  written by Tony Lee with the creator of MacGyver, Lee David Zlotoff, co-writing and Will Sliney on pencils and inks hits bookstands this week. The last issue scored a 4.5/5 when we reviewed it last month. Does this issue keep up the momentum?

This issue picks up with Mac and AWOL Interpol Agent Kari Kurikov in Cairo trying to track down the thief that swiped the recently deceased Dr. Cornwall’s “super seed.” If you remember from the last issue, the seed could potential end world hunger due to the fact they can be grown in salt water land. The thief stole the files from Cornwall’s computer and jetted off to Cairo. Mac and Kari are working all their avenues to figure out where exactly the culprit is. Of course Mac knows a guy, so he talks to quite the interesting character from his past. Because Kari is the polar opposite of Mac, she goes with a more violent approach at getting info. After the duo find out what they need to know, they find themselves hunted down by the Chinese and another hitman looking to cash in on the MacGyver bounty. There are some twists and turns concerning Agent Kurikov. After some of the patented Mac ingenuity, the duo escapes one dangerous situation to find themselves in an even bigger one. Cue the cliffhanger page.

The story escapes a lot of trouble second issues in miniseries find themselves in. We get a lot of information, but we aren’t bogged down with the cookie cutter transition issue. Lee and Zlotoff ramp up the action from the last issue while still setting up the necessary transition for the remaining issues.  It’s a very rare occasion that Tony Lee disappoints. The art is just as good as the last issue. You have a younger Mac that still has all the characteristics you love from the old TV Mac. If there’s one thing I can fault the art for, it’s the lack of an awesome mullet. Ciaran Lucas’ colors elevate the issue and helps convey the action.

Bottom Line: MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet is shaping up to be a must read miniseries. Tony Lee and Lee David Zlotoff craft a great MacGyver story that keeps all the old Mac while making him feel like he is set in the present. A mixture of excellent storytelling and art helps make the transition from TV to comics flawless. Whether you pick it up as it goes along or you’re a trade reader, check this one out 5/5

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