Review: Li’l Depressed Boy #14


With everything going well in the Li’l Depressed Boy’s life, the world finds a way to rain on his parade. Featuring a cover by the super ginchy BLUE MONDAY creator, CHYNNA CLUGSTON-FLORES.

Yet again we venture into the world of the Li’l Depressed Boy with issue #14 by S Steven Struble and art by Sina Grace. We continue on with the budding romance of LDB and Spike his manger. The two have to keep their romance a secret because workplace romances are a big no-no. Can they stay together? Will they be found out? Is this a cool issue because it’s also a Halloween issue?

Things have been going pretty well for LDB this story arc. He’s gotten out of his funk with the whole Jazz non-relationship, he has a job, and he has found a girl that likes him. He is still a little gloomy because of the whole secret romance, but things are going rather well with Spike.  But since it is LDB, you know things aren’t going to be perfect for long. We have a workplace injury that comes into play this issue. LDB, as you can tell from the cover, has messed up his arm. If it’s not emotional pain, the poor little guy has to deal with physical pain. Added to all of this is the fact he has to work on Halloween even though he’s had his costume picked out for months.  Pay special attention to all the costumes and Easter eggs throughout this issue. You have a cameo from another fresh new book from Sina Grace and all kinds of great Halloween costumes. Spike’s costume is especially awesome, but I’m biased towards that particular television program.  In the end the plot thickens. Have Spike and LDB been found out? We’ll have to wait for that answer.

Struble continues to up the story with each issue. Like I’ve said with the past few issue reviews, I like this story arc a lot. The additions of the movie theater and those characters have really added a lot to the LDB world. Sina Grace, now focusing on art full time, keeps up the consistent LDB flavor. He does a wonderful job with the various Halloween costumes as well.

Bottom Line:  LDB is one of those offbeat and quirky books that continues to please. The backup story by Nicholas David Brandt is another great little Halloween piece that makes this issue so festive. With a great story and visuals to match, this LDB is one to check out 4.5/5


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