Review: Li’L Bionic Kids One-Shot

Review of: Li’L Bionic Kids One-Shot
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Brandon Jerwa

Li'L Bionic Kids One-Shot

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On January 22, 2014
Last modified:January 21, 2014


Li’L Bionic Kids is a fun, funny, and quick read that Bionic fans new and old will enjoy.

Better! Stronger! Faster…and smaller?! Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers are the newest students at A.S.I. – the Academy of Science Intelligence, a school for the unique and gifted. They’re also both cyborgs – human kids with a variety of high-tech body parts and modifications. Can these two outsiders put aside their shyness, and a growing rivalry, in time to take a stand against alien invaders who are determined to ruin the A.S.I. Track and Field Day? And if that isn’t enough, each Li’l book comes with a two-page activity sheet!

The Bionic Man and Woman are the next two characters to get the Li’L treatment from Dynamite. The new one-shot this week, Li’L Bionic Kids, is written by Brandon Jerwa with art and lettering by Ian McGinty. Andrew Elder rounds things out with colors. The activity sheets for this issue are handled by Roger Langridge and Andrew Elder. All of the Li’L adventures have been fun reads, but do the Bionic Kids keep the streak alive?

Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers are two ordinary kids. That is until they are ejected from their toy aircrafts on the playground. Sent to the nurse’s office, they are given bionic parts and made the six million dollar kids. Because of their new abilities they are sent to A.S.I. (Academy of Scientific Intelligence). Steve and Jaime have a hard time fitting in even in a school of special children. Their chance to prove their worth comes during the school track and field day. The teams are uneven, but luckily a last minute addition arrives in the form of a large, hairy kid with big feet (guess who?) Can Steve, Jaime, and their big footed companion put those other snotty kids in their place?

Jerwa writes a funny and fast-pace issue. This one is jam-packed with things longtime fans will get a kick out of and even several things just people with a passing knowledge of the show will know. Steve seems a bit underutilized, largely taking a backseat to Jaime but he does get a memorable moment or two in the issue. McGinty’s art is cute, sharp, expressive, and a little cartoony. He takes some of the trademarks from the series and gives them a cutesy Li’L treatment. It works really well with the series and Dynamite has done an outstanding job of finding artists that can make all-ages versions of their characters. Andrew’s colors are very bright and cheerful, matching the series perfectly.

Bottom Line: Li’L Bionic Kids is a fun, funny, and quick read that Bionic fans new and old will enjoy. They go by a little too quick, but they make for a great one-shot story. 3.5/5

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