Review: Li’L Battlestar Galactica One-Shot

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Review of: Li’L Battlestar Galactica
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Art Baltazar and Franco

Li'L Battlestar Galactica

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On January 15, 2014
Last modified:January 15, 2014


If you’re a big Battlestar Galactica fan, you’ll really enjoy seeing things play out as a Li’L adventure.

AW YEAH BATTLESTAR GALACTICA! The search for Earth continues in this awesome epic event of tiny proportions! Who are these Cylons? Are they friends or foes? Does complaining to daddy Adama help or make things worse? Fear not, Apollo and Starbuck are here to save the day! Find out the answers to questions you’ve always wanted answered: How old do you have to be to ride a colonial viper? Is there a height requirement? And what does Baltar have to say in all of this? And where do Baby Cylons come from? Come join the new and smaller adventures aboard the Battlestar Galactica. And if that isn’t enough, each Li’l book comes with a two-page activity sheet!

Dynamite’s latest entry in their Li’L one-shot series is Li’L Battlestar Galactica. The story is written by Art Baltazar and Franco with Baltazar handling art. Roger Langridge and Andrew Elder handle the activity sheets toward the back of the special. How does Battlestar Galactica measure up when it’s a Li’L book?

The crew is under attack from Cylons and their freaky ‘woo-woo’ eye. Apollo is trying to warn everyone, but it seems everybody is just going to carry on as usual. Apollo and Starbuck are ready to fight, but Athena wants to play with the baby Cylons. The only bad thing is that baby Cylons are just big Cylon heads that have currently been separated from a Cylon body. Things keep going from weird to worse as the battle rages on.

Baltazar and Franco write a witty and fast-paced script. The duo have their own unique style, and they use it with all the bells and whistles that Battlestar Galactica allows. There’s a loose story in play throughout the issue, but this is mainly some quick fire shorts and gags connected together as Cyclons attack. Baltazar’s unique all-ages art makes for some interesting characters, cool Cyclons, and some rather nifty ships and dogfights in space.

Bottom Line: If you’re a big Battlestar Galactica fan, you’ll really enjoy seeing things play out as a Li’L adventure. It’s a little too fast, but there’s a lot here to like. 3/5


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