Review: Legends Of Red Sonja #2

Review of: Legends of Red Sonja #2
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Gail Simone, Tamora Pierce, Meljean Brooks

Legends of Red Sonja #2

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On December 4, 2013
Last modified:December 3, 2013


Legends of Red Sonja helps to expand the adventures of our favorite warrior in a new and exciting way.

The LEGENDS continue, in this 40th anniversary spectacular mini-series, featuring short stories by the best female writers of prose, games and comics, and a wraparound story by Sonja’s series writer, Gail Simone! In this issue, a young girl’s life is changed forever by a chance meeting with the She-Devil, in a thrilling story by the best-selling TITAN of fantasy novels, TAMORA PIERCE, and an old rivalry is remembered in a powerful story by acclaimed dark fantasy romance author MELJEAN BROOKS! And all the while, Red Sonja is pursued across the land by the deadly assassins, the GREY RIDERS! Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind mini-series!

The legend of Red Sonja grows this week thanks to the second installment of the new mini-series from Dynamite. Legends of Red Sonja #2 features stories by Gail Simone, Meljean Brook, and Tamora Pierce. Jack Jadson, Mel Rubi, and Cassandra James handles art for the three tales. Salvatore Aiala Studios provides colors with Simon Bowland taking care of lettering. How does the Legends fare this month?

The Grey Riders are trying to track down and kill Red Sonja. As we learned last month, they all have their reason to hate the She-Devil with a sword. As they continue their journey they start tracking down the femme fatale by speaking to people who have come across her in their own travels. Gordrak the Beheader recants his journey to slay a huge beast and obtain a ruby with Sonja. His story says our heroine wasn’t quite as heroic as we know her to be. The second story serves as a warning to our league of assassins. A young girl tells the tale of the time Sonja helped her and her mother travel through some dangerous territory to carry out a mission from the goddess. Sonja proved herself a fierce warrior, but her traveling companions may pose a bigger threat. Will our assassins ever lay eyes on their prey? Is Sonja already dealing with this new threat in an unseen way?

The second issue is just as great as the first. Simone provides great bookends for the two tales and lays out a great plot device to allow for all of these stories. Brook’s entry is an odd and slightly humorous take on Sonja and how she interacts with her male counterparts. Pierce’s story is a sharp sword and sorcery romp that also sets up the larger plot at work. This is a top tier book and it shows in the art. Jadson, Rubi, and James all provide equally stunning art that presents their entries in a unique way while keeping the overall feel of what Simone has set up. The coloring helps ties it all together in a very vibrant way.

Bottom Line: Legends of Red Sonja helps to expand the adventures of our favorite warrior in a new and exciting way. This is kind of a hybrid mini-series/anthology book that lays things out in an inventive style. If you’re enjoying Simone’s regular Sonja series, picking this up is a required purchase. 4/5

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