Review: Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #5

Review of: Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #5
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Bill Willingham

Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #5

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On July 16, 2014
Last modified:July 16, 2014


Legenderry continues to live up to its name. This month offers up answers to some of the bigger questions and sets up big things for the final two installments.

Magna finally makes it to Landing, the proverbial city of tomorrow founded and governed by none other than Flash Gordon. There, she finds herself assisting Flash in his experiments and research; as he hopes to one day make it back to the stars. But there are strange and improbable side-effects to his projects occurring not too far off on the mysterious Island ruled by a man called Moreau…

Our heroine finally arrives at Landing this month after a long and perilous journey in the pages of the steampunk epic Legenderry #5. The story is written by Bill Willingham with art by Sergio Fernandez Davila. Wes Hartman handles colors with Rob Steen providing lettering. Legenderry has been going strong for four issues, but does Willingham and company keep it up or is this series starting to lose steam?

After a memorable encounter with The Phantom, Magna has finally arrived relatively safe and sound at Landing. In search for her sister Red Sonja, Magna thinks the destination of her dear sister’s trip may hold the answers she so desperately needs. Luckily Silver Star, a friend of The Phantom, is willing to wave his usual fee and escort the damsel through the fare city to ensure that no harm comes to her. As they walk through the impressive city of Landing, Silver Star spins a yarn about the man from the stars who helped make everything possible. Of course that star man is none other than Flash Gordon. Long ago Gordon crash landed on this planet, and he has helped the people advance throughout the centuries. When it’s time for Flash to awaken once again, Magna finds herself in even more danger than usual. What secrets does Landing hold? Can Flash Gordon help her unlock the secrets that will change things forever?

Willingham writes a fantastic issue. The writer has found a good balance of humor, action, adventure, plot, and steampunk infused sci-fi throughout the series, but this issue gets the mixture just right. Silver Star’s braggadocio behavior serves the story well and offers up something a little different from the more do-gooder, daring-do heroes in past issues. The big twists featuring Flash Gordon are just as refreshing and takes the character in unexpected but not unbelievable directions. Hopefully we see a little more of Mr. Gordon before the final two issues run their course. The big twist at the end seems incredibly obvious in hindsight, but Willingham makes it surprising and plays it out well. Davila’s art is just as sharp as always. This story gets back into a big city and allows the artist to really show off his detailed work and steampunk twists to ordinary things. There’s a lot going on this month, and Davila clearly relishes the challenge and pulls off each section with equal skill and finesse. Hartman’s colors really shine this month as well. When Silver Star is telling the story of Flash Gordon, Davila and Hartman pull off a very stylish and sci-fi enthused sequence with some beautiful colors that gives things a dreamy and historic tint.

Bottom Line: Legenderry continues to live up to its name. This month offers up answers to some of the bigger questions and sets up big things for the final two installments. It will be interesting to see where Willingham takes us next. 4.5/5

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