Review: Lady Rawhide #3

Review of: Lady Rawhide #3
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Eric Trautmann

Lady Rawhide #3

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On December 18, 2013
Last modified:December 17, 2013


These three issues have been building and building, so hopefully the final two really knock our socks off.

Unrest flares in Old Mexico. Revolution is in the air, and the Sisters of the White Rose are fanning the flames, seizing control of the capital and placing the corrupt governor on trial for his crimes against his own citizens. But as the rebellion swells, the governor’s masters have plans of their own. Gunmen, bent on killing the Sisters and Lady Rawhide, are on the move. There are killers a-plenty, all with shifting allegiances, with Lady Rawhide caught in the middle of a maelstrom of death and treachery…

Lady Rawhide is back in the saddle again this month with the release of issue #3 of 5 for her new miniseries. The story is written by Eric Trautmann with art by Milton Estevam. Dinei Ribeiro handles colors with Marshall Dillon providing lettering. Does Lady Rawhide come in guns a-blazin or does this issue leave you a little saddle sore?

Lady Rawhide finds herself in a weird situation. She’s riding to the governor’s mansion to try and save Captain Reyes…and the others if she really has to. The Sisters of the White Rose have taken control of the mansion and are stirring up the populace into a revolutionary frenzy. Lady Rawhide has to sneak into the mansion, confront the Sisters, and try to save her beloved Reyes. That’s a lot easier said than done.  What happens with Lady Rawhide finds herself toe-to-toe with a bunch of ladies just as fearsome and deadly as she is?

Trautmann writes a good story. This one advances the plot and gives us a little insight into Lady Rawhide’s own code of ethics. We get a good idea of what separates her from this Sisterhood of killers. The change of seeing her going from a revolutionary-type figure to fighting the revolutionary for obvious reasons is a good switch though. It’s not played out with much focus, but it’s there to the reader. This one moves the pieces a little further along for the final two issues more than anything. Estevam’s art is good when it comes to the settings and characters. His proportions and the female anatomy is a little off or exaggerated in places. That’s sort of the point of Lady Rawhide anyway, but it does look a bit over the top in places. Estevam does have a really good eye for action though. Ribeiro’s colors are a good fit for the story, but the coloring for the characters does come off a little too smooth and shiny at times.

Bottom Line: Lady Rawhide is a good western story that will please longtime fans and serve as a good entry point for newcomers. These three issues have been building and building, so hopefully the final two really knock our socks off. 3/5


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