Review: Lady Rawhide #2

Review of: Lady Rawhide #2
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Eric Trautmann

Lady Rawhide #2

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On October 2, 2013
Last modified:October 1, 2013


Lady Rawhide is an interesting western story that does a good job of reintroducing the character

As Old Mexico is crushed beneath the weight of corruption and tyranny, Lady Rawhide – outlaw champion of the oppressed – discovers that she does not fight alone. A band of vigilantes have taken up her struggle, but their ruthless methods may place them all in the gun sights of a deadly new adversary…

Lady Rawhide rides again this week in the second issue of her new five part miniseries. The story is written by Eric Trautmann with art by Milton Estevam. Dinei Ribeiro handles colors with Marshall Dillon providing lettering. Should you saddle up and take a trip with Lady Rawhide, or should you let this one pass you by?

Captain Reyes is summoned before Governor De Luna for letting Lady Rawhide escape in their latest encounter. De Luna tasks Reyes with capturing Lady Rawhide and ending the bandida’s rebellious crusade once and for all. After his meeting with the Captain, the governor is visited by a gunslinger who has been sent to make sure the bosses up North that control things are ensured rail safety for the silver they have to transport. The recent trouble with Lady Rawhide and the new group of lady rebels, the big bosses aren’t too pleased. Elsewhere Lady Rawhide is trying to tend to the injured woman she came across, only to be set upon by a band of soldiers. After a narrow escape Rawhide takes the injured woman back to her hideout to get medical attention. The injured stranger has ties to the female group that’s currently a thorn in the government’s side. Lady Rawhide sets out to find the femme fatales. Captain Reyes leaves to begin his mission to bring the renegades to justice, but what’s lurking in the shadows may end his mission before it even begins. Can Lady Rawhide find this new group of rebels in time?

Trautmann writes an apt story. Other than one fight, Lady Rawhide doesn’t have a whole lot to do this issue. We get to see behind the curtain of the corrupt ways of Governor De Luna and how Captain Reyes is a good man trying to do what’s right while surrounded by incompetent and amoral officers. The injured member of the new group of rebels, Esme, has her backstory explored in a flashback sequence that feels a little forced. It shows how she got into such a predicament, but it doesn’t really offer up a whole lot about the group she’s joined up with. The gunslinger named Judson Cole who has come to keep an eye on everything is a character who uses a lot of clichés old western-y sayings to show he’s a tough guy who means business. Estevam’s art is solid. There’s a few action sequences that are expertly handled, but the character work during all the meetings and standoff scenes are done very well. Everything is very consistent with great line work. Ribeiro’s colors are very bright and vibrant, but there are a few scenes outside under the light of the moon that are just a little too bright for the time of day.

Bottom Line: Lady Rawhide is an interesting western story that does a good job of reintroducing the character 3/5

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