Review: Lady Rawhide #1

Review of: Lady Rawhide #1
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Eric Trautmann

Lady Rawhide #1

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On August 7, 2013
Last modified:August 7, 2013


Lady Rawhide is a great new introduction to the character. Trautmann gets all the essential first issue things out of the way and sets up a story with a lot of potential.

Lady Rawhide returns in an all-new adventure! This time, she faces not only the corrupt forces of the government — bent on cowing the populace through privation and cruelty — but also a new team of vigilantes: The Sisters of the White Rose. The Sisters, inspired by Lady Rawhide’s actions, have taken up the struggle against tyranny. Although she supports the Sisters’ aims, Lady Rawhide is forced to stand against their bloody methods.

Lady Rawhide returns this week in the first part of a five issues miniseries from Dynamite. The female character spinning off from Zorro in a Topps series from Don McGregor and Mike Mayhew is back to cause problems for the corrupt government officials. The new series is written by Eric Trautmann with art by Milton Estevam. Dinei Ribeiro provides colors and Marshal Dillon handles lettering. So is Lady Rawhide’s return a rip-roaring adventure or does it left you feeling whipped?

There’s a brief introduction that eloquently explains the times and setting of the comic, but the first scenes are of a giant train robbery being pulled off by a masked group of individuals. They hop on the train and set about taking care of the guards. Before the final showdown with a train car full of soldiers, it’s revealed that the masked group of bandits are of the feminine persuasion. One is injured, and as per the gang’s rules, left to die. She doesn’t want to give up quite that easily. After our prologue, we see our masked vigilante Lady Rawhide evading troops after snagging a few essentials. The majority of the issue is our femme fatale evading the Capitan and thinking about her life and what led her to be a vigilante. Of course as in the original, she is inspired by Zorro to take up her life of sticking it to the corrupt government officials. When Lady Rawhide’s supplies aren’t meet with enthusiasm from the poor farmers, she finds herself alone. But is she as alone as she thought? Who is lurking in the shadow? What’s worse, the stranger or the approaching troops?

Trautmann writes a good script. We get the stories larger mystery laid out while still getting a lot of great moments and backstory with Lady Rawhide. We get a pretty complete origin story over the course of a few pages, so there isn’t many slow points or page after page of slow moving origin details. It’s an entertaining western with a little bit of a twist. Trautmann keeps it interesting and doesn’t make it feel like a gender swapped Zorro story. Estevam’s art is solid. He does a great job with the various characters and doesn’t really mess with Lady Rawhide’s look from her original stories. She wears a pretty skimpy outfit, so there are a few times where her anatomy doesn’t set just right when she’s doing some action-y things. Ribeiro’s colors are fantastic and makes things look warm and sun kissed in the Mexican desert.

Bottom Line: Lady Rawhide is a great new introduction to the character. Trautmann gets all the essential first issue things out of the way and sets up a story with a lot of potential. If you’re a fan of Dynamite’s Lone Ranger and western stories, this is one worth checking out. 3.5/5

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