Review: Knightingail: Shadow Divisions #2


Knightingail Vol 2: Shadow Divisions continues the adventures of Knightingail following the events of Knightingail Vol 1: The Legend Begins. Knightingail and her four Centurion companions must use their combined powers to destroy Luceus and his invading army. At first, they find that their combined powers are unmatched when fighting Luceus’ army. But the stresses of war soon bring their toll, and divisions erupt between even close friends. It is when they are most divided that Sicari, Queen of the Shadow Ravens, and her tribe of all female assassin warriors strike at the divided Centurions.

knightingail cover 2Knightingail returns with all her new friends this month in the popular fantasy series. Knigtingail Vol 2: Shadow Divisions #2 is about to come out and we got an early look. Knigtingail is written by Wayne Gardiner. Mel Joy San Juan provides art with Katrina Mae Hao providing colors. Zach Matheny rounds out the cast with lettering. So does the second issue gets the adventure rolling along, or have the shadows truly engulfed Knightingail and her band of friends?

The story opens with the Centurions building a monument to the Dracons Bellua and Phaenix. Knightingail’s little buddy Purey mourns the loss of his parents, and that sets Eloa off on her own grieving process. She killed Purey’s parents when she was being turned into the Dark Knight Princess by a mind control potion. As Eloa goes off from the Centurion group to mourn what she did, the Centurions enemies are plotting their demise. As a combined force they are unstoppable but if they can be separated the forces of evil have a great chance to succeed with the help of the Shadow Ravens. Eloa comes back from her brief exile as the gang gets ready to travel to the Ruby Citadel. After the long and tedious journey, the group take part in a huge celebration in their honor. It’s during the festivities that we start to see the group’s cohesion start to crumble. Everyone has their own family and friends outside of the group except Eloa and Purey. The cracks start to form and the plan to divide the group is set in motion. Are things really as bad as they seem? Can the group come back together when the kingdom is under attack?

Gardiner writes a great issue. Last time I said the first entry in the new volume felt a little more like a standalone story, but this issue really sells the coming threat and gives us hints at what kind of test the Centurions are going to be put through. We see some fallout from the first volume as well as the liberation of Suscitatio. The art is fantastic as always. Mel Joy San Juan’s art and Katrina Mae Hao’s colors make everything look so bright, vibrant, and fun. Knightingail has always been one of the prettiest fantasy books out there.

Bottom Line: Knightingail is off to a strong start on what looks to be a great story. Last time we saw the group come together, and now we’re seeing them tested. It was easy to be a group when things started to look up, but now that they’re getting ready to go through dark times can they stay together? I don’t know, but I’ll definitely come back to find out. 4/5

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