Review: KISS Kids #4

Review of: KISS Kids #4
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Chris Ryall, Tom Waltz

KISS Kids #4

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On December 18, 2013
Last modified:December 18, 2013


Hold up your lighters and start chanting encore, KISS Kids goes out on a high note.

“Kids in Santa’s Service” — the Kiss Kids’ first series concludes here with these holiday-ending escapades featuring everyone’s favorite not-yet-fearsome foursome!

It’s the final song on the set list this month as KISS Kids reaches its fourth issue. The big Christmas-y finale for those rockin’ little terrors is written by Chris Ryall and Tom Waltz with art by Jose Holder. Jeremy Colwell handles colors with Gilberto Lazcano providing letters. So does KISS go out on a high note, or will there be no need for an encore?

It’s Christmas time and the KISS kids are trying to be on their best behavior so they’ll get something on the big day. Things don’t start out well after the gang ends up tormenting a mall Santa. After that it’s all snowball fights with their robotic doppelgangers, a Thor-tastic adventure for Gene, and the big battle of the bands the boys have been getting ready for the last three issues. Once the tiny rockers take the stage, they take the school by storm Their theatrics leave a bad taste in the other bands’ mouths, so the battle of the bands becomes literal. Who wins? Who gets Christmas presents? Will they ever let KISS on the rock and roll wall of fame?

Ryall and Waltz write a fantastic final issue. The entire series has been good, but this one pulls all the great things from the previous issues and takes them up a notch for a rocking end. The battle of the bands packs in a lot more of those rock/pop culture references and turns it up to 11. This is a faster-paced and funnier issue with a lot of action. Holder’s art is fantastic as usual. He gets a lot more to play around with this month with the Christmas, rock band fight, and Thor-like short stories. Holder has been outstanding for four issues now, so there’s not much more new praise you can throw at him. Colwell’s colors have been a perfect fit for the series, mixing bright and vibrant colors that even help with the story’s comedy at times.

Bottom Line: Hold up your lighters and start chanting ‘encore,’ KISS Kids goes out on a high note. Ryall and Waltz have pulled off one of a true all-ages feat with this one. 5/5

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