Review: Kings Watch #3

Review of: Kings Watch #3
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Jeff Parker

Kings Watch #3

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On December 11, 2013
Last modified:December 11, 2013


Kings Watch is a crossover event done right.

Jeff Parker (Batman ’66, Agents Of Atlas, Thunderbolts) and Marc Laming (Planet Of The Apes, Splinter Cell) propel further into their epic event! Phantom, Mandrake and Flash Gordon have gone through hell to stop The Cobra from reaching the Kings Watch, but the mastermind pulls one last deception on them all…and gets exactly what he seeks! Now the forces of the universe turn against us and unleash a fate that changes the world…

Kings Watch is back! After skipping a month the five-part event featuring Mandrake the Magician, the Phantom, and Flash Gordon is back with issue #3. The story is written by Jeff Parker with art by Marc Laming. Jordan Boyd handles colors with Simon Bowland providing lettering. The first two issues have been ramping up the action. How does this month’s adventure hold up?

Flash Gordon, Zarkov, and the intrepid reporter Dale were attacked in the airplane hangar by The Cobra and his evil henchmen. They are after the crystal that powers Zarkov’s plane. Flash Gordon is giving them what for, but even his unmatched physical prowess is no match for Cobra and his cronies. An unlikely ally makes himself known deep in the recesses of Flash’s mind. Mandrake the Magician is out of hiding and back in action. He and Flash must try and stop Cobra. Everyone is converging on Tanzania to try and stop the Kings Watch from being opened. Cobras plan is revealed and the true power behind the plan is made known. Who could be using Cobra as a puppet? What threat from the stars is about to take our world by storm?

Parker writes a thrilling issue. This one opens with action and ends on an incredible cliffhanger. The breakneck pace has you flipping the pages to see what’s next. Parker continues to give the three heroes and their supporting characters a relatively fair shake. It seems like Flash Gordon is our focal point, but Phantom and Mandrake get equally great parts and dialogue. Laming’s art is phenomenal. The character work is great, but this issue allows for some over the top fantastical scenes and characters. Laming gets really far out with the action and settings, and it looks gorgeous. There’s not a lot more you can say without spoiling the big reveal, but trust me when I say it’s stunning. Boyd’s colors help elevate Laming’s art. There’s a lot of bright and crazy colors that pop off the page in the scenes involving magic and outer space.

Bottom Line: Kings Watch is a crossover event done right. Parker has crafted a great story that lets us know who the characters are, gives them all something to do, and presents a thrilling story. There’s not a lot you can knock with this one. 4.5/5

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