Review: JUST ANOTHER SHEEP Is One Far Out Webcomic


Just Another Sheep is a science fiction road trip set during the summer of love. It follows a timid teen learning to think for himself in the days of Flower Children, free love, and the Vietnam War. But this is not just a soul search. The teen is on a quest to find out how he has the amazing power to make anyone experience anything his body has before– be that food poisoning, intoxication, pleasure, or pain.

sheepToday we’re taking a look at a relatively new webcomic called Just Another Sheep. The story started last October and a new page is posted every Tuesday. Just Another Sheep is set in the summer of love and follows a teenager named Banning. Our main character isn’t a normal angst-ridden teen finding himself at an odd place in life during the Vietnam war…well he is, but he has bigger problems. Banning is able to make anyone feel and experience anything his body has before.

The story was created by Mat Heagerty and JD Faith. Heagerty writes the scripts with JD Faith handling the line art. Paul John Little provides colors on chapter two and three with Jon Cairns tackling the first chapter. Ed Brisson rounds out the cast with lettering. The comic has just hit its halfway point, but how are things looking right now?

Banning is on a bus heading to Boston. He runs into a bit of trouble with two other passengers when they think the peace symbol on his bag means he’s one of them ‘dirty hippies.’ Banning uses his mysterious powers to make the men experience food poisoning and a broken arm. Finding himself kicked off the bus in the middle of Washington D.C., our main character has no way to get to where he needs to go. Luckily a very pretty girl, one of those hippies, is across the street protesting and comes over to Banning. In a quick turn of events Banning finds himself in with a group of extremists after a night of hard partying and drinking. When what was supposed to be a peaceful protest deteriorates into something much more violent, Banning finds himself in a quickly evolving world that may not survive a mysterious group’s forced attempt at putting America in check.

Heagerty and Faith craft a truly compelling story. There are a lot of layers to this. It’s a historical fiction story mixed with a government conspiracy/sci-fi plot with a dash of powers (not necessarily crossing into SUPER power territory). Things happen in quick succession and often feel convenient, but in chapter 2 you start to learn that there is something much larger at work that may be pulling the strings and making the things happening possible. The conspiracy story and the secret of Banning’s powers form an impressive one-two punch. Faith’s art is fantastic. There is some truly fitting and psychedelic art that helps sell us on the fact we’re in the 1960s. There’s a real Chris Samnee vibe to the characters, and that’s a big compliment in my book. The colors helps to make everything really pop.

Just Another Sheep is a complex story with several moving parts that really pull you in as a reader. There are a lot of webcomics out there, but this is one that definitely warrants your attention. We’re right in the middle of chapter 3, so it’s a fantastic time to jump in. You can learn a lot more about the series and its creators at the official website by clicking here. This one comes with a high recommendation.

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