Review: Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two #5

Review of: Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two #5
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Douglas Wolk

Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two #5

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On June 4, 2014
Last modified:June 3, 2014


The team leaves you wanting more, and that’s actually a good thing in this case.

Dredd’s West Coast adventure comes to an explosive conclusion! As Judges from around the world gather for Lawcon, Dredd’s secret mission leads him into high-speed mayhem—and toward a potentially catastrophic revelation. All eyes are on him, but the City of Courts has one last trial to put him through…

Judge Dredd’s wildest story to date comes to an end this week with Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two #5. The big finale is written by Douglas Wolk with art by Ulises Farinas. Ryan Hill tackles colors with Tom B. Long providing lettering. Mega-City Two has been a big hit, but is it able to go out with just as big of a bang as when it started?

Dredd has been on a secret mission for Mega-City One under the guise as the latest participant to take part in the Judge exchange program. To say that Dredd has been a fish out of water would be an understatement. In a land where each community has its own set of laws, Dredd can’t quite adjust to this west coast lifestyle. Plus he has a camera crew following his every move. Luckily for Dredd it’s all coming to an end. As he takes on his last assignment with the Internal Affairs Division, Dredd ends up in the strangest place he’s seen yet- Lawcon. Imagine Comic Con but full of Judges and even crazier fanboys. As the final assignment leads him to the revelation of who has been smuggling out Mega-City One prisoners, Dredd may find the answer isn’t what he was expecting. Why was Dredd sent to Mega-City Two anyway? Will he be able to escape alive and relatively sane or is Dredd destined for stardom?

Wolk actually manages to top himself and save the craziest issue for the finale. Lawcon presents some great opportunities to lampoon the convention circuit and the fandom that loves it. The writer also manages to tie up all the loose ends and gives us a rather entertaining explanation as to why Dredd was assigned such an odd task in the first place. Wolk pulls off one of the most insane and flat-out fun Dredd stories to date. There’s not much more you can say about Farinas’ art. It’s fantastically hyper-detailed and jam-packed with pop culture jokes that go right along with Wolk’s convention parody. It’s well worth your time just going back over each and every panel to soak in the detail and find the hidden jokes. Farinas style fits this madcap story perfectly. Hill’s colors are a prefect compliment to Farinas’ art and really make the tiny details pop. There are a few sections where you just have to stare in amazement at Farinas work and the extra work Hill had to put into it to make it as bright and colorful as it is.

Bottom Line: Hopefully we see more of Wolk and Farinas in the Judge Dredd world. They got in and told a quick, entertaining, and funny Dredd story that shows a different side of Mega-City One’s best Judge. The team leaves you wanting more, and that’s actually a good thing in this case. 4.5/5

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