Review: Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two #4

Review of: Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two #4
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Douglas Wolk

Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two #4

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On April 30, 2014
Last modified:April 30, 2014


Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two offers up its most outrageous story yet.

Welcome to Crimeland! Dredd’s mission brings him to the West Coast’s most exciting vacation spot, a theme park dedicated to old-fashioned street crime, singing animated creatures, and total anarchy! But he and his film crew find more than they counted on there—including a rogue Judge who gave up the law to serve the people!

The penultimate installment of Judge Dredd’s travels abroad hits this month in the pages of Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two #4. The story is written by Douglas Wolk with art by Ulises Farinas. Ryan Hill handles colors with Tom B. Long rounding things out with lettering. Dredd’s time in Mega-City Two has been a wild, crazy, and often funny adventure but how are things going now that we’re reaching the end of the line?

Dredd and his vid crew have arrived at Crimeland. The theme park is an area of the city where everything goes and the only rules are that there are no rules. For a modest price, anyone can enter and let loose in any way they see fit. Dredd is still trying to track down the perp smuggling ring and figuring out how Mega-City Two misfits are winding up in Mega-City One, but he has hit another roadblock. With the aid of his singing animated tour guides, and a rogue Judge with questionable morals, Dredd tries to get to the bottom of things once and for all. Can Dredd find out the info he so desperately needs to wrap up this case and head back home? How does a by-the-book Judge deal in a land where anarchy and chaos reign supreme?

Wolk writes his most far-out and craziest issue yet. Crimeland has all the annoying and cheesy aspects you would expect from a theme park, but it’s much more violent. Dredd’s two little animated tour guides really shake up the dynamic of the way the story has been told and lends to a few cartoon shorts that tell the story that’s going on in a more ‘viewer-friendly’ way. Wolk pulls off some things you’d probably never expect to see in a Dredd book. Farinas’ art is fantastic as always. There are more wide-open city settings this time around, so Farinas gets to show off more of his hyper-detailed artwork that is just jam-packed with signage and little Easter Egg-type things. The amount of detail is just staggering. The added element of more cartoon/animated short sections let Farinas stretch some different muscles as well. The artist’s looser cartoon style works exceptionally well in contrast with the more detail oriented main pages of the story. Hill’s colors run the gamut from grim and gritty to bright and cheerful. Hill compliments each style perfectly.

Bottom Line: Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two offers up its most outrageous story yet. This is a different type of Dredd book, and this issue shows why more than any other. With one installment left, it will be incredibly interesting to see how Wolk and company put a bow on it. 4.5/5


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