Review: Judge Dredd Classics #7

Review of: Judge Dredd Classics #7
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John Wagner, Alan Grant

Judge Dredd Classics #7

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On December 31, 2013
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I say once more, this book is called Judge Dredd Classics for a reason.

The “Apocalypse War” finale! Dredd infiltrates the now-occupied Grand Hall of Justice, where he finds the brainwashed Chief Justice Griffin spreading Sov propaganda. How far will Dredd go to keep Griffin quiet and stop the East-Meg One forces? And is he willing to sacrifice himself in the process?

The penultimate issue of The Apocalypse War hits this week in the pages of Judge Dredd Classics #7. The story was written by John Wagner and Alan Grant (credited as T.B. Grover) with art by Carlos Ezquerra. Tom Mullin provides colors with Tom Frame tackling lettering. We’re about to reach the conclusion of the war, but how does the build-up to the finale fare?

Dredd has rallied the remaining Judges and mounted a resistance. The assembled Judges that survived the initial assault from East-Meg are doing a fairly good job repelling the invasion, but Chief Justice Griffin has been captured, brainwashed, and put in front of TV cameras as East-Meg’s puppet. He is spouting off the virtues and benefits of East-Meg rule, and Dredd won’t have any of that. Dredd infiltrates the occupied Hall of Justice in the hopes of ending Chief Justice Griffin’s time as a puppet. Whether that means he saves the Chief Justice or has to shoot him in the chest doesn’t matter to Dredd. If he’s able to pull that off, Dredd has to assemble a few select Judges for one final assault to knock East-Meg out of Mega-City One once and for all. Dredd has made a good resistance leader, but can he pull off the final and biggest mission?

I say once more, this book is called Judge Dredd Classics for a reason. These are the biggest and some of the best Dredd stories reprinted and recollected over the course of a few issues. The penultimate installment of Apocalypse War is a full-on action movie from beginning to end. Dredd infiltrates the Hall of Justice and then leads a strike team of Judges on an assault of the Sov Strato-V. Ezquerra and Wagner created Judge Dredd. You can’t get more definitive than that. Ezquerra’s art is worth the price of admission alone. There’s not much more you can say about Apocalypse War that hasn’t already been said. Pick it up or wait until you can read it all next month, but definitely check this one out if you’re a Dredd fan. 5/5

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