Review: Judge Dredd Classics #5

Review of: Judge Dredd Classics #5
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John Wagner & Alan Grant

Judge Dredd Classics #5

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On November 6, 2013
Last modified:November 5, 2013


Again, these are classic Dredd stories for a reason.

“Apocalypse War” rages on in vibrant new color! Will East-Meg One release the citizens of Mega-City One from the clutches of Block Mania? And will Dredd be able to cut the Sovs off in time to keep them from infiltrating the south?

The Apocalypse War rages on this week in the pages of Judge Dredd Classics #5. East-Meg One is pushing forward and the Judges of Mega-City One are on the ropes. The story was written by John Wagner and Alan Grant. Carlos Ezquerra handled art and Tom Mullin provided coloring. Steve Potter rounded out the cast with lettering. As the war rages on, do you need to check it out?

East-Meg One has completely devastated Mega-City One. The Judges are on the ropes and the Chief Judge has been put aboard a rocket and sent away. With the highest sign of authority gone, it’s up to Dredd to rally the troops and mount an attack on the Soviet attackers. The Judges have to resort to guerilla warfare, throwing everything they have at their invaders. They’re able to mount a few successful counter attacks, but it’s still not enough. Can Dredd keep the City fighting? Will Mega-City One be able to repel this invasion? What will be left of the City if they do?

This installment of the Apocalypse War is all out action. Dredd and his fellow Judges are throwing whatever they can at their attackers. Wagner and Grant really show off Dredd’s tactical mind in these installments. Dredd is great at what he does, but it may not be enough this time. While we all know what happens, thanks to the passage of time between the now and when the story originally published, but you still get a sense of…hate to say it, dread out of these chapters. You’re not sure Dredd will be able to shoot his enemies in the face and triumph this time. Ezquerra’s art is classic Dredd. There’s not much more that can be said positively about it that hasn’t already been said. The colors from Mullin are great. Things are action-packed, so there are a lot of greatly colored scenes of gunplay and full-on fires to show off some great work.

Bottom Line: The Apocalypse War actually turns into a war this month. We’ve seen bits and pieces of action before, but this is nonstop fighting from beginning to end. Dredd really shows he’s a leader here, taking control of the situation when the Chief Judge has to be evacuated. Again, these are classic Dredd stories for a reason. 4/5

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