Review: Judge Dredd Classics #3

Review of: Judge Dredd Classics #3
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John “T.B. Grover” Wagner

Judge Dredd Classics #3

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On September 25, 2013
Last modified:September 25, 2013


Whether you’ve been with Judge Dredd since the beginning or just recently, this is one you absolutely have to pick up.

“The Apocalypse War” starts here! Long-contained tension between Mega-City One and East-Meg One is about to explode. East-Meg One’s Diktatorat has successfully infected all the citizens of Dredd’s city with Block Mania! What will Dredd do to contain this madness, and what else do the Sov forces have in mind?!

Judge Dredd seemingly made it through the bloc mania only to find out that it was a ruse by the Ruskies and a nuclear war was launched by East-Meg One’s Dikatorat. The classic Judge Dred story was written by John Wagner and Alan Grant with art by Carlos Ezquerra. Tom Mullin handled colors with Steve Potter providing lettering.

The story takes place very shortly after Block Mania, which concluded in last month’s Judge Dredd Classics #2.  It turns out that the Bloc Mania was stage one of East-Meg One’s plans to take over or completely wipe out Mega-City One. Dredd has no time to recoup before the nuclear bombs start flying. It’s a race against the clock as Dredd and the other Judges must mount their defense and strike against the attackers. When the Chief Judge is knocked out of commission, the only man that can lead the charge is Dredd. Street crime is one thing, but can Dredd handle an international threat?

Again, these stories are labeled classics for a reason. From the writing to the art these are just great pure grade Judge Dredd stories. There’s a scene where Dredd has broken his arm and won’t stop to get treated. Healing an arm takes only minutes, but Dredd won’t stop and halt his mission even for a minute. He’s determined to do his job no matter what. Nothing can get in his way or sway him from doing what he needs to do. Even when he’s not blowing criminal’s heads off with his lawgiver, Dredd is still a hardcore character. These stories have been around for years, but IDW is giving everyone a great Dredd primer with Bloc Mania and The Apocalypse War. These are serious stories that still insert the iconic Dredd wit and humor into the situations with the various bloc names and the like.

Bottom Line: Great stories and great art are getting another chance in the spotlight thanks to these Classic rereleases. Whether you’ve been with Judge Dredd since the beginning or just recently, this is one you absolutely have to pick up. 4.5/5

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