Review: Judge Dredd #2


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In Mega-City one, Judges ARE the law. But what happens when a veteran Judge goes bad? And he’s so skilled at hiding his misdeeds that even Judge Dredd is unable to dig up the evidence he needs? Looks like it’s time to choose psis… from the Psi Division, that is!

IDW’s all-new ongoing series continues here, with the re-introduction of fan-favorite JUDGE ANDERSON! Don’t even think about skipping this issue. Because… well, she’ll *know*.

Judge Dredd #2 from IDW is written by Duane Swierczynski. The issue features two stories, the first called “Cover Me” features art by Nelson Daniel and the second titled “The Good Parts” has art from Brendan McCarthy. With the second issue on its way out into the world, the question is how does it stand up to judgment?

dredd coverThe first story features Dredd dealing with a block war that has broken out because of the malfunctioning robots touched upon in issue 1. The riot is put down in a few panels, but Judge Myers is injured by one of the recycling robots. When Dredd follows Meyers home to check up on him, he notices some evidence from another case lying around. Dredd sets out on a mission to find out if Meyers is dirty or being framed. Through the course of events Dredd calls in Judge Anderson. We get introduced to the Psi Division and learn about what they do. As the two try to get to the bottom of it, they experience some unforeseen twists and turns. The second story called The Good Parts, is a six-page mini that is Dredd-less. The story features Anderson figuring out a murder mystery with a suspect that has no memories of her own. How can you read a mind that’s not there?

Swierczynski does a wonderful job of writing a truly Judge Dredd feeling story with Cover Me, the majority of issue 2. There are countless twists and turns in the police procedural that can only happen with Judge Dredd and the Psi Division. The first issue felt odd with its mix of straight out comedy mixed with the occasional decapitation. Issue 2 is head and shoulders above the first entry and makes for an excellent read. The second short story is a nice piece showcasing Anderson and possibly setting up future plot threads. The art in both stories is perfect for Dredd. Daniel draws broad shouldered hulking Judges that look very authoritative. McCarthy, who you may remember from our reviews of Zaucer of Zilk, brings his psychedelic style to a trippy story involving the mind.

Bottom Line: Judge Dredd #2 is how you tell a Dredd story. Both the larger story and the short entry make for a great read with some truly impressive art. If issue 1 left you feeling Dredd should get a death sentence, issue 2 won the case on appeal 4/5


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