Review: Judge Dredd #17

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Review of: Judge Dredd #17
Product by:
Duane Swierczynski

Judge Dredd #17

Reviewed by:
On March 12, 2014
Last modified:March 12, 2014


The Dark Judges have finally arrived, and now we get to say hello.

“Cold Cold Ground”—The morgue full of 13 dead Judges were only the beginning… of the end! Dredd’s most vicious and unstoppable enemies—the Dark Judges—are clawing their way into Mega-City One, determined to transform it into a new city of the dead. That’s right: Judges Death! Mortis! Fire! Fear! (And some new friends!) But the only thing more horrifying than the Dark Judges’ onslaught are drastic measures the Justice Department is willing to take to repel them.

All otherworldly hell breaks loose this month in the pages of Judge Dredd #17. The Dark Judges have arrived in Mega-City one, and they’re ready to pass judgment on every living being. The story is written by Duane Swierczynski with art by Nelson Daniel and lettering by Shawn Lee. Things have been building up to the Dark Judges arrival, but has it been worth the wait?

The 13th and final Judge was murdered last month. All 13 Judges were laid out in the morgue, but it turns out their deaths weren’t just a former Judge seeking revenge, they were ritualistic murders to help summon the Dark Judges. Judges Death, Fire, Fear, and Mortis break on through to the other side, but they bring a few guests with them. Mega-City one barely survived an encounter with four of them, but how will they deal with a combined might of 13 Dark Judges?

Swierczynski writes a solid introductory issue for The American Way Of Death. The entirety of the issue is just absolute chaos that serves as our introduction to the Dark Judges. Each and every one get a few panels to shine and show off their powers as we’re given the rundown of the new arrivals. The Mega-City One Judges are starting to respond to the threat, but this is really just a quick intro issue. Daniel’s art really does a wonderful job of introducing the grim and macabre Judges, new and old. Each and every one is equal parts spooky and menacing. Some of the names may seem a little odd at first glance, but Daniel brings them to life, or rather unlife, in a very distinct way.

Bottom Line: The Dark Judges have finally arrived, and now we get to say hello. This issue gives us the thumbnail sketch of the characters, and now Swierczynski can let them loose. 3.5/5


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