Review: Jinnrise #4

Review of: Jinnrise #4
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Sohaib Awan

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On April 24, 2013
Last modified:April 23, 2013


Jinnrise is a comic with a great concept and a huge amount of potential. There are improvements with each issue, but the script really needs to be tightened up.

Saved from interstellar forces, student Andrew Marcus’ fate rests in the hands of Yunus…a boy in control of a living “myth”: a Jinn (Genie). But can a single Jinn stand against these invaders…led by their greatest warrior, Lahasad-Brim? The answer might depend on a wildcard: a mysterious stranger who might be friend…or foe.

The genies vs. aliens story from IDW continues this month in Jinnrise #4. The story is written by Sohaib Awan with assistance from Paige Hartman. Tony Vassallo provides art with Timothy Yates handling colors.  Mark Torres provides art and colors for the story’s prologue. Ed Brisson rounds out the gang with letters. Jinnrise has been a rollercoaster ride of really great issues and then some questionable directional shifts. Is this issue another high point?

jinnrise coverAndrew Marcus wakes up after being injured in the huge battle between the Jinn and the alien invaders at the end of issue 2. He’s all patched up and in a strange place. A man, who we learn is Harris, has rescued Andrew and his friend, the kid with the magic lamp, Yunus. Harris is too busy playing chess to answer any of Andrew’s questions, so he tells him where he can find Yunus. The two boys quickly compare notes and catch up on what happened when they were attacked. While all of this is going on the aliens are planning their next move. They still want the magical lamp, and they are hell-bent on getting their hands on it. The boys start fighting because Yunus doesn’t feel Andrew is as concerned about Yunus’ uncle’s fate as he should be. Harris comes in to break it up when his cave hideout is attacked. They have to get out of there before the aliens can take the Jinn. They quickly realize one Jinn isn’t enough, but where can they find more?

This is one of the more confusing issue. Harris conveniently sweeps in and backtracks on some of the things shown in issue 2. Because he saved them, the boys trust him completely with no questions asked. This is a guy with a batcave full of weapons. He clearly knows something about the aliens, and we know absolutely nothing about him other than his name is Harris and he likes explosives. We also have a prologue that doesn’t seem to connect with anything we’ve seen in previous issues. The story feels a little rushed, and I found myself flipping back and for the between this issue and the previous three to make sense of what happened. Vassallo and Yates’ art and colors continue to be a highlight. I love their very animated and expressive characters and the rich colors that brings everything to life.

Bottom Line: Jinnrise is a comic with a great concept and a huge amount of potential. There are improvements with each issue, but the script really needs to be tightened up. Awan has some great ideas, and hopefully Hartman on script assist and the editor can help make sure everything is reigned in and streamlined. I love the art and the story is good, it just needs to sand the rough edges 2.5/5


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