Review: Jinnrise #3


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Saved from interstellar forces, student Andrew Marcus’ fate rests in the hands of Yunus…a boy in control of a living “myth”: a Jinn (Genie). But can a single Jinn stand against these invaders…led by their greatest warrior, Lahasad-Brim? The answer might depend on a wildcard: a mysterious stranger who might be friend…or foe.

Two weeks after issue two hit, we get the third issue of the miniseries featuring genies vs. aliens called Jinnrise from IDW. This issue is written by Tom Taylor with art by Mark Torres. So far Jinnrise has been a comic book attempt at a popcorn action movie, does #3 continue that trend or do something a little different?

jinnrise coverLast time we checked in with Jinnrise, we saw the Jin fight off an entire platoon of Kibrani warriors as Andrew Marcus and his new friends tried to escape the chaos. After the humiliating defeat, the Kibrani leader decided it was time to call in Lahasad Brim (who I’ll call Brim), their greatest warrior who is on a self-imposed exile. This issue takes us back in time to when Brim led the Kibrani race on a conquest against the Compendi. Compendum is a planet devoted to knowledge inhabited by scholarly pacifists. Brim finds the task easy and wipes out most of the Compendi in no time at all. Brim finds a secret the Compendi were trying to protect. The secret gives Brim the answers he has been looking for. What he does with them will determine the fate of the Kibrani as well as the Earth.

Taylor writes an interesting script. It’s a nice piece on the exiled warrior and what caused him to leave the Kibrani. However it feels like a step back. The second issue gained some momentum and ironed out a few kinks. This issue ignores all of that and gives us the backstory of Brim. With this being a five or six issue series, it may have been better in the long run to summarize these events in two or three pages. We’ll have to see how it plays out with the rest of the series, but right now the issue feels like it’s just hitting the pause button. Torres’ art is a great fit for the story. He gets to create an alien world full of interesting inhabitants. His style meshes a little more with the alien aspects.

Bottom Line: Jinnrise seems to have pumped the breaks for this issue. Taken by itself it’s a very entertaining and exciting issue, but taken as a part of the whole it is slowing things down. We’ve still got a little more story to go, it will be interesting to see how this one plays out. So far most of Jinnrise’s magic has been trapped in the bottle 3/5

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