Review: Jinnrise #2


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Saved from interstellar forces, student Andrew Marcus’ fate rests in the hands of boy… a boy in control of a living “myth”: a Jinn (Genie). But has he simply gone from bad to worse? And what of this race from the stars? Their response is none other than their fiercest warrior… the Exile.

The action-packed aliens versus genie series continues this month in the pages of Jinnrise. Last month was the introduction, and this month kicks off part one of “Manifest Destiny.” The story is written by Sohaib Awan with art from Tony Vassalo. Timothy Yates provides colors with Ed Brisson handling lettering. The first issue was a big action movie of a comic, so does this one flesh out the story or just keep the explosions going?

jinnrise coverOur story picks up as international student Andrew Marcus is recovering from the first wave of an alien attack by the Kibrani. Andrew is with the street vendor Salim who he made an uneasy friendship with in the first issue, as well as Salim’s young nephew Yunus who controls the huge muscular Jinn named Jabal. There’s also their trusty camel who is slightly anthropomorphic and serves as comedic relief by striking all kinds of odd facial expressions. As the group pulls together, we learn the story of the Jinn. We find out what happened to Jabal’s race as well as what led to him being controlled by the young Yunus. As we learn all the necessary backstory, the Kibrani are planning their next attack. They’ve seen what Jabal is capable of and they know he is the only real threat standing in their way of conquering Earth.  They are left with only one option- they must find The Exile and bring him back to fight Jabal. The next wave of the attack begins and someone in the group may just make the ultimate sacrifice to keep the others safe.

Awan writes another interesting story. The parts on the history of the Jinn are done in a quick series of flashbacks as the story is being told. There’s still some mystery to the Jinn, but we learn enough to satisfy some of our curiosity. The human characters are still a little underdeveloped. We start to see a little fleshing out done with Yunus, but the other characters still need exploring. The first issue was a big action thriller so it was OK to be light, but hopefully Awan will start to polish things up in the next issue. The art is handled well. Vassalo draws a very cartoony set of characters. It’s a little erratic with all the wide gesticulating and exaggerated expressions, but it kind of fits with the story Awan presents. The colors are handled well and really help bring Jabal to life.

Bottom Line: Jinnrise is a little rough, but it is promising. The first issue was explosive and quick, but the second one attempts to flesh the backstory out a little. Awan shows promise in several areas, but there is some work to be done with the script. With enough explosions to excite Michael Bay, Jinnrise may be one of the first popcorn action movies in comic book form 3/5

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