Review: Jakey The Jerk #1


Jakey the Jerk collects stories from the webcomic on Zoo Laffs about a little ram named Jakey that has bad luck with the ladies. It is written and drawn by Chris Garrison. Jakey the Jerk #1’s 28 pages collect seven strips. There are some shorts of Jakey and two other groups of characters and one longer story of Jakey’s misadventures while hiking with a celebrity.

The shorts for Jakey are about how he strikes out with the ladies at the bank and a stoplight. Jakey can’t catch a break. One lady spackles her dimples to stop his advances in one such case. The shorts are hit and miss, but overall pretty humorous. The main story for this collection though is Jakey acting as a bodyguard of sorts for a famous musician as she goes hiking. Jakey is prone to ram people who call him a jerk or move in on ladies he is attempting to hit on, and this is what draws recording artist Sassafras Vallee to him. As she and Jakey go on the hike, it looks like love is blooming. Jakey’s previous adventures should clue you in on how it will ultimately turn out. The story is funny, mixing the mellow singer with the rockin’ Jakey who belts out a few lines of decimated faces. From the first parking lot encounter to the brief stopover at the old folks home, Jakey is an odd and funny little strip.

Jakey the Jerk is very reminiscent of Cartoon Network in the 90s when they ran shorts in the Cartoon Cartoons programming block. Jakey has an offbeat humor and art style much like those shows did. It’s in the vein of Cow and Chicken and early Billy and Mandy. Jakey is full of that odd, screwball humor that makes it a good read. The longer story is the highlight of the comic. The shorts are fair to good on their own, but the longer hiking story is where the meat of the Jakey book is.

Bottom Line: Jakey the Jerk is a fun read. The offbeat humor similar to the 90s cartoons makes it a fresh story but also a throwback of sorts. If these things are your style, it’s worth looking in to Jakey the Jerk and his misadventures. You can check out Zoo Laffs here and Jakey the Jerk #1 here.

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