Review: Jack Kraken One-Shot

Review of: Jack Kraken One-Shot
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Tim Seeley
Dark Horse

Jack Kraken One-Shot

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On May 14, 2014
Last modified:May 14, 2014


Jack Kraken is a quick one-shot that brings three stories reintroducing Seeley’s creation to comic book readers.

Jack Kraken is the best agent the Humanoid Interaction Agency has. Using his extranormal powers, Jack protects humans and humanoids alike from those who would kill them. Follow Jack’s adventures rescuing kids and stopping the things that go bump in the night.

Jack Kraken is back in action this week with a new one-shot from Dark Horse, aptly called Jack Kraken. It features three stories from Tim Seeley with art by Seeley, Ross Campbell, and Jim Terry. Carlos Badilla handles colors and CRANK! tackles lettering for all three of the shorts. So should Dark Horse have released the Kraken?

The first two shorts, Race Relations and The Ballad of Liadain Orlaith, feature Jack on two different missions facing off against the Greys, a Titan (the biggest and strongest of the Humanoid Species), and a very deadly Nocturne who may or may not be returning to her old, bloody ways. The final story is a new short that starts to pull back the curtain of Jack Kraken’s origin and lets us see who the man behind the mask really is. Jack has done a lot for the Humanoid Interaction Agency, but the one thing he might not be able to defeat is his personal demons. What secrets is Jack trying to hold back? Why must he always hide his face?

Seeley writes three quick, fast-paced, and action-packed stories that give you three different tastes of what Jack Kraken is capable of. If you’re familiar with the original run back from the Double Feature comic app days from Four Star Studios, you’ll get a lot more out of this. If you’re a newcomer, you’ll get enough info to understand the story though you may still have questions about Jack’s particular power set. The Ballad of Liadain Orlaith is the emotional story, Race Relations is the action-packed story, and Who Is Jack Kraken? Is the one you’ll probably be tuning in for if you’re a fan. There’s a lot here for everyone. The art for each and every story is top notch. Campbell brings the action and shows off Jack’s abilities, Seeley makes things big and moody to bring the real emotion with the second story, and then Terry bats cleanup with Kraken’s sort-of-origin story. Badilla’s colors brings a sense of continuity to the one-shot while still adjusting to best serve each artist.

Bottom Line: Jack Kraken is a quick one-shot that brings three stories reintroducing Seeley’s creation to comic book readers. 3/5


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