Review: Ipso Facto #3


An ongoing comic book series; a story of father and son, brother versus brother, true love, the real reality, and the greatest secret never told.

He was just another lovestruck Colorado kid, or so he always told himself. Then he woke up one day and found out his whole world was a lie — that he wasn’t even from this world. The next day he found out the world was going to end – unless he could remember who he really was. But he didn’t care about saving the world. All he wanted to save was her. Now, on the run, the most powerful forces on Earth baring down on him, those not of Earth seeking to control him, he fights with the only thing he has left: his own freewill.

ipso facto coverEarlier this year we reviewed a new indie comic book series called Ipso Facto. You can check out that review here, but the series sci-fi coming of age love story mixed with a global-conspiracy thriller. The third issue will be released soon, but it’s available for digital download now. The story is written by J.R. Rothenberg with art and lettering from Jason Badower. Annette Kwok handles colors and Darren Close is the background artist. The first two issues were a hit, but is the third time still a charm?

The issue opens with Willian, the former ruler of Fula and now exiled schemer and brother of Brezsny, appearing in Mosel’s mother’s kitchen. His search for the boy he can’t see while looking into the world mind continues. He’s trying to track down the boy for some still unknown reason. Meanwhile Mosel and his girlfriend Riley finally make it to Cathedral Lake to camp after a hectic morning. Things are still tense between the couple since they both know the other is holding their own big secret they don’t want to talk about. While we get a look at Mosel and Riley’s troubles, we find out Brezsny and Willian are watching. The two powerful aliens are discussing just how important Mosel is. He’s the key to something, and the brothers just hope he’s prepared. Things take a troubling turn when Tryum Corporation launches their Zero Fallout satellite. They present it to the leaders of the world as an instrument of peace, but the wheelchair bound Victor, who is holding to life by a thread, makes it seem like Tryum Corp has other goals. What is the larger plan? What role does Mosel play in it?

Rothenberg writes a solid issue. We get more plot development, but this is largely an issue to flesh out the characters and the Mosel/Riley relationship. We learn the secret Riley has been hiding and why she’s been so distant. This is a weighty issue that seems like it will be the pivot point for what comes next. There’s still a larger mystery at work, but we’re getting a few more clues as we try to piece it all together. Badower’s art and Close’s background work are impressive. The character work is fantastic and the details are clear and crisp. From the characters to the Colorado setting, the book had great visuals. That’s elevated by Kwok’s colors. Things are bright and vibrant, but it’s not overdone. One flashback scene showing Riley and Mosel’s first meeting in school is a great piece of color work. Riley has multi-colored hair, while only in three panels, is impressive.

Bottom Line: Ipso Facto is well worth checking out. The first two issues set things up and the third gives us an issue to explore the characters. Now is the perfect time to check it out for yourself. The first issue is being offered for free download on the official website, which you can find here. Issues 4 and 5 are on the way, and the arc concluding issue 6 is being worked on now. A trade will be released next spring, but this is one you might not want to wait on.

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