Review: Ipso Facto #1-2


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An ongoing comic book series; a story of father and son, brother versus brother, true love, the real reality, and the greatest secret never told.

He was just another lovestruck Colorado kid, or so he always told himself. Then he woke up one day and found out his whole world was a lie — that he wasn’t even from this world. The next day he found out the world was going to end – unless he could remember who he really was. But he didn’t care about saving the world. All he wanted to save was her. Now, on the run, the most powerful forces on Earth baring down on him, those not of Earth seeking to control him, he fights with the only thing he has left: his own freewill.

Ipso Facto is a new series the creators describe as a sci-fi coming of age love story wrapped in a global-conspiracy thriller. The book is written by J.R. Rothenberg with art and lettering from Jason Badower. Annette Kwok rounds out the cast with colors. So is Ipso Facto an indie hit or an indie miss?

ipso facto coverOur story is about Mosel Pearlman Ramire, a regular high school kid from Colorado. Well, he’s a regular kid until one day strange things start happening that makes him question who he is as well as reality itself. All across the globe a mass exodus of aliens is occurring. The mysterious Tryum Corp is watching the events and are deeply concerned about what that means. While all of this is going on, Mosel is visited by Brezsny. Brezsny is a seemingly omnipotent and omnipresence alien who is trying to help point our main character in the direction to his self-discovery. Brezsny’s intentions aren’t just to help out our hero, he is trying to help save two worlds from his scheming brother Willian. The villainous Willian was ousted from his home planet and now he wants to be worshiped and rule over the people of Earth. All three of these storylines intersect in an unforeseen way, but it’s clear Willian and Tryum Corp are shady figures that our hero will have to fight against.

The first two issues are bound separately, but they are supposed to form a double-sized issue. The series benefits from this. The first issue gets your attention, but it leaves you scratching your head wonder what is happening. The second issue starts to fill in some of those gaps and give us a brief outline of what we’re going to be dealing with in regards to characters and events. There are a lot of time shifts and several different settings, but it starts to make a little sense with the second chapter. Rothenberg crafts a strong story that really draws the readers in. It covers all the bases. You have a love story with sci-fi events as well as a huge global conspiracy seemingly tying all the threads together. Badower’s art and Kwok’s colors are extremely impressive. They bring the varied cast of characters to life. They get plenty of time to shine in the book’s numerous action scenes.

Bottom Line: Ipso Facto definitely needs to be on your radar. It features a rich, complex story that appears to be going in an interesting direction. The two chapters taken together are a strong introduction that will have you craving more. You can look at Ipso Factor yourself by checking out the website here. There you will finds links to get your own copies, as well as links to hear the latest news through the official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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