Review: Invincible #98


The ramp up to Invincible #100 is upon us.  Like any good anniversary issue, and it’s lead up, need to build upon story beats that have been simmering for a while.  Robert Kirkman seems to be pulling out all the guns with this arc, but let us see if it works.

The big debate for “Who will be Invincible” once Mark Grayson was at full health is quickly handled.  With #100 coming up, I was kind of hoping for Mark to get back into the old costume, but not a big deal.  Kirkman ramps up the stakes quite fast, and in usual Invincible fashion.  But it feels different than before, since Mark has learned quite a bit in the last few years.  He seems more mature when handling these big threats.  Also, he’s admitting mistakes and taking responsibility for them.  Longtime readers of Invincible can see Dinosaurus’ plan coming, and the trick near the end.  But the issue is still quite fun.  I’m a little confused as to WHY killing everyone is going to save the planet, but we have two issues to explain the thinking behind Dinosaurus’ plan.  Criticisms aside, it’s a very fun issue.  After the recent tangent with Robot and Monster-Girl, I’m very happy to see Grayson back in the spotlight.

One thing that could break the series is the outcome of this arc.  Killing everyone is a hard thing to come back from.  Either the Earth has it’s population reduced to stragglers of humanity, or there is some huge cop out that keeps everyone from dying.  As said before, we have two issues left in this arc to see how the plan is going to work out, I’m just cautious.  Kirkman is a great planner when it comes to arcs like this, so I’m not as worried as I would be with other writers.  Kirkman can’t seem to resist bringing back Angstrom every time an anniversary issue comes around.  He’s a good villain, and it’s good to see a classic Invincible coming back for a big issue, but let’s not shoehorn him into a story for the sake of an anniversary.

What’s there left to say about Ryan Ottley and his amazing pencils?  Nothing really.  He pencils another great issue.  Kirkman gives Ottley plenty of big action scenes to convey, and he nails every one.  The splash page of cities dying sells Dinosaurus’ plan more than Kirkman’s script.  I’ve always loved seeing Dinosaurus in Invincible as it Ottley gives a staggering amount of detail into the dinosaur.  The teeth and scales add up to a menacing character.  Also, who the hell doesn’t like a dinosaur in a cape?  Cliff Rathburn’s inks help make Dinsaurus look as imposing as he does.  John Rauch absolutely nails the water on the splash page mentions before.  The reflection of neon lights on the water i used very well, and had me staring at the page for a few extra minutes.

Invincible is looking to have one epic of an anniversary issue.  If you haven’t been reading it, #98 is a good issue to start reading.  The first arc is quite accessible to new readers.

Invincible #98 gets 4/5.

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