Review: Invincible #111

Review of: Invincible #111
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Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, John Rauch

Invincible #111

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On May 22, 2014
Last modified:May 22, 2014


Robot quickly becomes a memorable villain for the Invincible Universe. Mark is in for a world of hurt

After the brutal Invincible #110, Kirkman and Ottley give us the equally brutal #111. While Mark is going through the ringer, we readers are enjoying the hell out of it.

Right away we shown how absolutely dangerous Robot is going to be in this arc.  When a villain like this pops up in any issue, I do the “What would I do in this situation to defeat the villain.”  With how effectively Kirkman sells Robot’s threat, I’m having a hard time of figuring a way for Mark to solve this problem.  The pacing in #111 is spot on, as Kirkman devotes a decent amount of panel space to Robot while not taking the spotlight away from Mark. Robot has always been a relatable character, but having him still by sympathetic during his turn to evil is a necessity for him to be a classic villain for Invincible.  It’s hard to argue with him when the world has been going to shit.  Having Robot go on and on about how he wasn’t completely ready for Mark to be back yet is a clear indication of how Mark is going to take Robot down, and seems a little odd for Kirkman.  Kirkman’s a master and weaving in weaknesses and making it seem like a villain is unbeatable.  Then we have Mark battle back and use that weakness to win. First time for everything though.  The real think to take away from #111 is that Robot has one of the best set ups for a villain in the history of Invincible.

Kirkman also wastes no time in upping the stakes for Mark.  I think the removing of Eve’s leg was a bit much, but will probably work in the long run. It may have been the way the Ryan Ottley penciled Eve falling, but I have a feeling that losing the baby will be the main motivation for Mark going forward.  Cecil’s death was paced very well and gave us enough time to let the death of him really sink in before moving forward.  As Kirkman has done a lot of set up in previous arcs without a lot of payoff.  So I was worried when we didn’t see Mark dealing with his rape from the previous issue. While it would have been beneficial to see where he is emotionally after that traumatic event, it could definitely wait until after his battle with Robot. Although with the way Kirkman has been throwing Mark through the ringer, I’m sure that will pop up before the battle is over.

Ryan Ottley is Ryan Ottley in #111. He’s a hard artist to review since he is consistently great.  Characters are very expressive, even when their faces are covered by masks. The blood and gore is a little overboard, but nothing new for this title.  Between the detail on the insides and the colors from John Rauch, the dismemberments and gore have the realistic look to really sell what Robot is doing.  Robot’s new armor has a slick design.  I can see a few figures being made from that.  Ottley’s panels flow perfectly and have a real sense of motion.  It’s easy to see Mark flying about while trying to figure out a way to fight Robot.

Invincible #111 gets 4/5.

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