Review: Invincible #103

Review of: Invincible #103
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Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, John Rauch

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On June 18, 2013
Last modified:June 18, 2013


Invincible #103 is a great issue, filled with some amazing character moments. A couple of things keep it from being a perfect issue.

IMG130110Invincible has been consistently good the past few months.  Robert Kirkman is trying to figure out a way to surprise us with Mark Grayson, and #103 is a great example of that.  But some parts keep #103 from being a perfect issue.

Mark Grayson has always been relatable when it came to his “human” problems.  He’s had bad luck in love, had to make hard decisions that had bad repercussions in his personal life, and has grown into a fine adult.  The new plot line of Eve being pregnant, and getting engaged, is a logical step for our hero.  The reader can feel the love and excitement that these two are feeling, and that makes them all more relatable.  Eve goes to friends to figure out if she has done a bad thing, and freaks out like a new mom would for her baby.  It’s fantastic.  I found it slightly odd that Eve would so quickly forget to NOT use her powers, but they are young and she just got pregnant.  The sweetest moment of the issue came when Eve realized that the baby was worth all the problems she was going through.  It was simple, and all relied on the strength of Ryan Ottley’s pencils (which were stunning).  I’ve never been a fan of Angstrom Levy, as he never seems threatening.  It’s to easy for him to slip up and have Invincible beat him.  But his power opens up a lot of story opportunities, so it’s no surprise that he sticks around.

The odd fight in the middle of the issue breaks it up in a bad way.  It took valuable time away from Eve and Mark, or even the rest of the Guardians and their problems with Invincible not being in jail.  The constant editors notes became a nuisance.  One editor note reminding readers of a distant plot point, such as Rick being part cyborg, is a good thing.  It happened almost one hundred issues ago, so it’s fine if some readers would forget.  But having three editors notes in one issue is excessive.  If something happened three issues ago, it doesn’t need an editors note.  If your story needs that many editors notes to be readable, then the script needs to be changed.  Mark’s fight with Mauler has no place in this issue.  It’s only purpose is to bring up the second volume of Guardians of the Globe, most likely to pimp that in the hopes people will buy it.

What is there to say about Ryan Ottley that hasn’t been said already.   He continues to be one of the best pencilers in the business.  Every character is expressive, even when the panel is zoomed out.  The action flows like a river.  The last page is especially gruesome, and left me excited for the next issue.  I always welcome Ottley penciling zombies.  I may not like Levy, but Ottley gives him a great look that is hard to look away from.  Cliff Rathburn’s inks are wonderful.  The thin lines keep the book grounded, even when the spandex pop up.  The shadow work on scenes in the Guardians home base is especially great.  John Rauch’s colors suit the super hero world well.  Tons of spandex with plenty of color and vibrance to them.

Invincible #103 is a great issue, but a few things keep it from being a perfect issue.  But the series continues to shake it’s status quo up in great ways.

Invincible #103 gets 4/5.

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