Review: Inhumans #1

Review of: Inhumans #1
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Charles Soule, Joe Madureira, Marte Gracia

Inhumans #1

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On April 4, 2014
Last modified:June 30, 2014


Inhumans #1 suffers from a clear change in writers and some artistic choices, but still has a lot of potential.

After a three month hiatus, Inhumans #1 has hit the shelves.  But somewhere along the way, a promising set up became a muddled comic that is just ok.

The set up for this series has a lot of potential. Matt Fraction originally called this series Game of Thrones with Inhumans.  Charles Soule, who replaced Fraction, seems to be putting the pieces in place for a similar style of book.  But in his attempt to bring the audience up to speed with who the Inhumans are, the story becomes confusing a little dull.  Lash is a good villain, but his explanation of the vast history of his species rings on deaf ears.  A #1 should be engaging and leave you wanting to spend another $3.99 on this series. Soule instead dumps it on us and then gets to the good part.  And when it’s good, it is damn good.  Dante is a capable hero in Inhumans #1 and fits the “new guy in classic battle” hero archetype.  Waiting until #2 to explain the history of the Inhumans would have worked better in terms of pacing so that we the reader could have learned with Dante.

Sadly we will never know how far Joe Madureira penciled before Soule stepped in and what changes Marvel/Soule made to the plot.  The opener for example, just doesn’t work.  It runs too long and the reader is happy when this jackass gets killed by Lash.  Cut out the entire first page and just have him get cocooned by the Mist. And then give that extra panel space to Dante’s story.  The dialogue feels pasted on to story just to fit the scene.  Now that Soule is the sole (pardon the pun) writer on this book, I expect the quality to only go up. Whatever Soule touches these days turns to gold (She-Hulk and Swamp Thing for example) and it would be surprising to see this book change that course.

Joe Madureira’s artwork can turn some people off. His relatively recent change to not using inks on his pencils looks slightly better here than it did on Avenging Spider-Man, but Mad still has some work to do if he is going to make this a permanent change.  He makes no attempt to hide that he is coloring in the darker parts with his pencils, and it gives the impression that he was rushing, even though that is not the case.  Mad, or an editor, needs to check how he pencils the sun, as there is a notable mistake in its placement in scenes.  The time it takes for the Mist to reach places and Lash to travel doesn’t sync up. While Lash does have teleportation powers, having him wait out all night in Norway (where we see the sun rising), and then getting to Des Plaines, Illinois where the sun is rising.  Unless Lash’s powers longer than we think (which they don’t seem too), then Las is dragging the sun with him ala Bruce Almighty with the moon.

I originally gave Inhumans a 3.5/5. But after reading it a few more times, I decided to push it down slightly.

Inhumans #1 gets 3/5.

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