Review: Inhumanity: the Awakening #1

Review of: Inhumanity: the Awakening #1
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Matt Kindt, Paul Davidson, Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Inhumanity: the Awakening #1

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On December 12, 2013
Last modified:December 12, 2013


Inhumanity: the Awakening is an good start to a mini-series, but a few points annoyed me to the point where it became just an ok start.

Inhumanity is in full swing, and so are the tie-in issues. Inhumanity: Awakening takes a look at teenage Mutant s and superheroes and puts a spotlight on how they feel about the Inhuman rising.

Matt Kindt writes a surprisingly poignant issue for the teen heroes.  They’re struggles as fledging heroes are established well without them coming across as whiney, which is something hard to do for most writers.  The message of acceptance and “we are all the same” avoids being preachy, as superhero, Mutant, and Inhuman are able to sit down together and talk.  It’s sweet, but avoids the after-school special feel that can invade an issue like this.  While Uncanny X-Men #15 tried to tackle the differentiations between Mutants and Inhumans, Inhumanity: Awakening #1 does a better job of it.  Striker’s quick origin recap worked surprisingly well to show that even non Mutant and non Inhumans can have a rough time of things when they are young.  The beginning is a tad contrived, as Pixie realizes the girl is having problems by looking at her phone..…while everyone is rescuing people around her. It’s borderline stupid, as if Kindt had the idea for the issue and wasn’t sure about how to get the heroes to Fiona.

What bothered the living hell out of me was the constant social media updates around every page.  They start of well enough, showing how stupid “trolls” can be on the internet.  Around a quarter of a way into the issue though, they become incredibly annoying and over done.  We get it, the troll is an ass hat and no one should respond to them.  Also, who the hell is taking half of the pictures that Fiona is posting?  WHY IS SHE TAKING PICTURES OF HERSELF WHILE SHE IS TAKING A BATH?!  Its things like this that take away from the comic and make me thing that we are dealing idiots.  Yes, teenagers post everything to Facebook these days, but I feel like a few of those photos might violate their Terms and Agreements.  The only two heroes who have anything real to say are Striker and pixie.  Quentin and Finesse feel inconsequential to what is going on, and could have been cut from the story.

Paul Davidson’s artwork is good, but has a few problems.  Going back to who is taking Fiona’s pictures; we can clearly see both of her arms in multiple shots.  Either she is using a timer on her camera phone, or something is up.  I could be thinking too much into it, but it’s something that took me out of the issue.  While they didn’t make sense at points, the progression of what seems to be Facebook pictures is nicely done.  Facial expressions are some of Davidson’s strongest points in this issue, but facial structures are somewhat similar throughout the small cast of characters in this issue.  Fiona’s face looks quite similar to Quentin’s on the second to last page.  The design of Fiona’s brother is both cool and slightly weird.  The muscled look is imposing, but adding the high school wrestling head brace makes it come off as goofy.

Inhumanity: the Awakening #1 gets 3/5.

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