Review: Infinity #3

Review of: Infinity #3
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Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver, Justin Ponsor

Infinity #3

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On September 20, 2013
Last modified:September 24, 2013


Infinity continues to be the best Marvel event in a long while. While not perfect, it’s still damn fun.

Ah Infinity.  You fail to disappoint.  Three issues into Marvel’s event, and it’s looking to be the best event since Civil War.  There are still a few hiccups that could be worked out, but nothing that really hinders this enjoyable read.

Before I go into why Infinity continues to be great, there are still some problems with this event.  The two storylines don’t seem to be related to each other yet.  We are half way through this event, and I still can’t find a reason why the Builders and Thanos are in the same event.  While both parts create one grand event, when are we going to see how one influences the other?  We have three issues left in this event, and Jonathan Hickman has proved that he can put a lot of material into a single issue.  Also, why the hell did Black Bolt destroy New York? That city has been destroyed countless times in the past few years.  I don’t feel anything when the city is destroyed anymore.  It’s like Asgard.  It was destroyed in Siege, so destroying it again in Fear Itself rings a little hollow.  With the Inhumans looking to take a bigger spot in the Marvel universe, this is a surefire way to have everyone hate them.

The rest of the story is classic Hickman.  His grandiose writing style fits the scope of this series.  A lot of Avengers get screen time, keeping everyone in the game.  Thankfully Hickman doesn’t recap during this issue.  I don’t mind a little recapping to take the place of the tie in issues, but it’s nice to see him jump right into the story.  The characterization is spot on in every scene.  Cap is the strong leader he has always been in situations like this.  It’s great to see past storylines that seem to have nothing to do with the overall narrative pop up.  Like Kevin as the Starbrand.  His storyline seemed out of place when it came up in Avengers, but it makes perfect sense now.  Hickman also adds some depth to the Builders, as they have been slightly one note during the event.

Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver continue to impress on art.  There styles mesh very well, with colorist Justin Ponsor keeping the color consistent throughout the issue.  Opena pencils most of the issue, as most of the story takes place in deep space.  He injects an amazing amount of detail into each panel.  Characters are very expressive, which helps sell the more emotional scenes in Hickman’s script.  Weaver treads the line carefully when it comes to Maximus’ crazy face.  If he goes more on the extreme side, then he just looks comical.  The reader can really feel the force of Black Bolt’s voice in this issue.

Infinity has been blasting on all cylinders since issue #1.  I’m glad that Marvel seems to have figured out an even that truly feels like an event.

Infinity #3 gets 4/5.

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