Review: Infinity #2

Review of: Infinity #2
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Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver, Justin Ponsor,

Infinity #2

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On September 5, 2013
Last modified:September 5, 2013


Infinity #2 continues the strong writing by Hickman. The visuals continue to impress with Opena and Weaver sharing art duties. A couple of flaws keeps it from being perfect though.

With the massive scope of Infinity, it would have been easy for any writer to lose their grip on the event. But Jonathan Hickman continues to impress in what feels like a true event comic.

Before I go on gushing about this comic, there is still one major flaw. The Builders and Thanos are truly difficult foes to stop, but they don’t feel connected. I don’t see how these two sides are fighting against the Avengers. Right now, the Builders seem more like a distraction to the Avengers and the fight on Earth against Thanos. It doesn’t break the story by any means, but it’s something that I’d like to see developed in the next issue. Hickman makes Infinity feel like a major event. Too often in event comics, the proceedings don’t feel like a true event, and something that was just started to sell. But Hickman’s development over the past nine months makes all the difference in this event. Not everyone gets a chance to speak this time around, but Hickman makes sure that everyone is accounted for one way or another in the dialogue. The New Avengers, who really are the heart of this story, get more time for dialogue than the regular Avengers. There is a lot going on, so it’s not surprising that one team was going to get the short straw when it came to dialogue. Guess that’s what the tie-ins are for.

What stood out to me near the end of the issue was how Hickman had everyone take a moment of silence (it looks that way at least) for the fallen planet. Unlike the Marvel Point One, where Jeph Loeb just destroyed a planet by Phoenix Force, Hickman shows that the numerous planets in the Marvel universe aren’t there just for battles. While Thanos Rising was a disappointment overall, at least it seems to be leaving lasting affects in the Marvel universe. While it’s clear that Marvel wants you to be reading Avengers and New Avengers, it’s good to see Hickman giving quick recaps on what is going on in those titles.

Infinity does something that I’m not sure I’ve seen in big comic events before. Marvel has used three artists in two issues…..and it completely works. It helps that both issues have had the same colorist, Justin Ponsor. It gives the issue a cohesive look. Jerome Opena’s artwork is suited for the grand nature of this story. The aliens seem at home amongst the spandex clad heroes. The battles have the emotional weight that they needed to sell Hickman’s script. The moment of silence I mention earlier is handled perfectly by Opena. Dustin Weaver handles the scenes back on Earth, and does a good job. Some of Medusa’s reactions look strange, but this only happens a couple of times.

Infinity has set itself apart from the likes of Marvel’s past events by giving the reader reasons clear reasons why this is an event comic. Marvel is setting themselves up for a big success for the new few months.

Infinity #2 gets 4/5.

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