Review: Indestructible #3

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Review of: Indestructible #3
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Jeff Kline

Indestructible #3

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On February 5, 2014
Last modified:February 5, 2014


Indestructible has been a fun series, but this issue is where things really start to click.

For Greg Pincus, life as the world’s newest superhero isn’t all groupies and Goldschlager. Between fielding calls from rival super teams, shopping for the right agent, and finding a costume that doesn’t bind, things have gotten pretty chaotic. Worst of all, Greg has a secret: he doesn’t actually possess any superpowers! As enemies gather in the shadows, Greg quickly realizes that keeping his secret could mean the difference between life and death. For himself… and everyone around him.

The story of the world’s newest superhero who isn’t even really a superhero continues this week in Indestructible #3. The story is written by Jeff Kline with pencils and inks by Christopher Johnson. Alejandro Sanchez handles colors with Ester Salguerdo lending an assist. Troy Peteri rounds things out with lettering. How does Indestructible measure up now that we’re nearing the end of this first story?

Greg Pincus is the world’s newest superhero. He has an agent that’s wanting to work with him to get his name out there, sponsorships, action figures, and the whole nine yards. The media is trying to find out everything they can about him, and the public is wanting to find out for themselves whether or not Greg is really indestructible. His roommate has already signed himself up to be his sidekick. The only problem is that Greg doesn’t have any powers and he wants to come clean. He’s in way over his head and nobody is giving him the chance to speak. Things take a serious turn as the mysterious Stingray’s story involving the evil Svengali comes to an explosive head. Greg is going to be pushed to his limits, but his limits aren’t superhuman. What will happen when Greg’s ruse is finally revealed? What happens when everyone finds out what they were hoping to be true really isn’t?

Kline writes a great issue. This one starts to answer the questions about Stingray and the evil plot going on in the background that hasn’t made much sense until now. There’s a lot more humor as Greg finds himself exploring the business side of superhero-ing. From the shrewd agent trying to book Greg a gig to having to figure out a hero name that won’t get anyone sued, there’s a lot of great writing about the areas of heroes we don’t see or is ever really thought about. Johnson’s art is fantastic. It has been solid for the entire three issues, but you can tell the artist is more comfortable with the world and characters. The League of Defenders meeting in the park allows Johnson to have some fun with the other (real) superheroes as well. The line between realistic art and a slight cartoon edge works well. It perfectly represents the line between this being a real world story and a big superhero romp. Sanchez and Salguerdo’s colors are really bright, making the art pop off the page. There’s some beautiful lighting in a few pages that take place at dusk. It’s a piece of work that really stands out.

Bottom Line: Indestructible has been a fun series, but this issue is where things really start to click. With some comedy, action, and really weighty character work, there’s a lot to like here. The explosive finale will make you anxious for what comes next too. 4/5


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