Review: The Illegitimates #5

Review of: The Illegitimates #5
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Taran Killam & Marc Andreyko

The Illegitimates #5

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On May 7, 2014
Last modified:May 7, 2014


The Illegitimates is a brilliant concept that still hasn’t found the right way to execute in a big way.

The battle heats up as the Illegitimates face off with Dannikor’s forces on two fronts—including outer space?! And, in the midst of battle, a TRAITOR is revealed and, trust us, your jaw will hit the floor!! Action, betrayal, death, and space battles as we careen towards the climax of the first, explosive arc!! What are you waiting for? Read this!!

The penultimate installment of The Illegitimates hits this month with issue #5. The story about the illegitimate children of the world’s greatest super spy is written by Marc Andreyko and Taran Killam. Kevin Sharpe handles pencils with Diana Greenhalgh providing inks. Peter Pantazis handles colors with Thom Zahler rounding things out with lettering. The Illegitimates has been a series with a lot of promise, but is this the issue that starts to pull things together?

The team destroyed the evil Dannikor’s fake oil rig that was part of his plan to ‘hack’ into the brains of everyone on earth. The Illegitimates also discovered the existence of a space station base that may or may not house their kidnapped mothers. With Dannikor here on earth enacting the final stage of his plan, and the space station hovering just above earth, the team has to split up to fight the battle on two different fronts. As the solicit info states, the team discovers who the traitor in their ranks really is. Which half-sibling is betraying the others? Will Dannikor pull off the final few steps of his dastardly plan? Will the team, and their mothers, make it out alive?

Andreyko and Killam write a fast-paced and exciting issue. The team being split up allows for a little more character exploration, but save for one or two of the group, the characters feel largely interchangeable. Their lack of real differentiation (outside of brief character bios that veered into cliché in parts) earlier in the series makes the big, shocking revelations a little less shocking. Sharpe’s pencils and Greenhalgh’s inks are sharp and clean. This looks like a 90s book in a lot of respects, and it works with the overall story and tone of the series. The action is big and explosive. The team has uniforms that feature plenty of pouches and belts. Pantazis’ colors are very bright and vibrant, giving the art a larger than life, glossy feel for the most part.

Bottom Line: The Illegitimates is a brilliant concept that still hasn’t found the right way to execute in a big way. With one issue left, it’s worth sticking around just to see how things end. 2.5/5

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