Review: The Illegitimates #4

Review of: The Illegitimates #4
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Taran Killam and Marc Andreyko

The Illegitimates #4

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On March 19, 2014
Last modified:March 18, 2014


The Illegitimates still has a few kinks to work out, but it’s starting to circle back around to a big spy thriller.

The Illegitimates go tropical as Dannikor’s deadly plan begins to unfold! But, can these five newbies bring down the man who murdered their father before it’s too late? Meanwhile, what is orbiting the earth and what do the Illegitimates’ mothers have to do with it? The adventure continues in the fourth chapter of the Illegitimates’ inaugural mission!

The ragtag group of illegitimate children of the world’s greatest spy try to save their mothers and stop Dannikor’s evil plans this month in The Illegitimates #4. The story is written by Marc Andreyko and Taran Killiam with pencils by Kevin Sharpe. John Livesay handles inks with Peter Pantazis providing colors. Thom Zahler rounds things out with lettering. The Illegitimates has been a roller coaster so far, but is this month’s entry a high or a low?

Last month the team found out there may be a mole among their ranks. Any concern has to be pushed aside because a new lead has been discovered. Dannikor has spent millions of dollars on mysterious offshore oil rigs. The team needs to infiltrate one of the rigs and see what the villain is using it for. There is a chance that the team’s mothers may be there as well. Can the assembled illegitimate children finally work together as a team? Will the news about a possible mole make things even worse? Will they ever find their mothers?

Andreyko and Killiam write a tighter issue. Things still happen in a very matter of fact way with some of the weight of the scenes losing their effect, but it’s starting to circle back around to a sleek and sexy spy story. There is still an edge and humor to things, but it seems like we’re getting down to the meat and potatoes of what the threat is and what the real scope of the situation is. Some of the characters still feel a little light and barely rise above a specific “type” or role to fill, but some of the family is starting to be fleshed out. Sharpe’s pencils and Livesay’s inks make this an incredibly sleek, stylish, and action-oriented group. While some the characters don’t quite differentiate themselves in dialogue, each one has a very distinct look and style that pops off the page. The scenery and backgrounds are detailed and really eye-catching.  The series as a whole has been a really visually pleasing book with splashes of 80s/90s big action hero comics. That’s all possible thanks in no small part to Pantazis’ colors.

Bottom Line: The Illegitimates still has a few kinks to work out, but it’s starting to circle back around to a big spy thriller. Things are starting to fall into place, so I still have high hopes for the final two issues. 3/5

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