REVIEW: Harbinger #6


Here comes a new challenger and last hope for Peter!


Just when all hope seemed lost for Peter, he has one more person he knows who is trustworthy. Enter Kris Hathaway, who has history with Peter and understands who he is, but much to her chagrin. In the past, he used his powers and put her under a spell for fall in love with him, and things didn’t end well after he released the spell. She’s one with many trials on her own, dealing with her father’s health, going to school, and helping out in the house. She knows that with the rubble and destroyed buildings are Peter’s doing and…what!? Here comes Faith flying in!

The narration is done by Kris’ point of view and we’re able to learn about her and more of Peter. She’s definitely one who’s seen a lot of pain and trials in her life, but she’s a strong individual. She’s able to reconnect by way of Faith, and begin to settles their differences by her own terms. Kris is no pushover and she’s highly intelligent, being able to have a plan that drew Toyo and company right into her trap for the time being.

Joshua Dysart has a great start on the new “Renegades” storyline. The event and challenge has been issued and we’re bound to see an amazing arc. Touching on the past history with Kris and Peter was very personal and heartfelt. The interaction and past hurt between the two is felt and is natural. Faith is still my favorite character of this series and she completely stands for what is right. She’s very joyful, accepts herself and wants to fulfill her duties as a hero. The deception of Toyo grows even more where he’s beginning to be stripped down, but slowly. Peter, Kris, and Faith are quickly rising as a threat and they will do all that they can stop them at any cost. Oh yeah, and it involves a specific group of agents.

New to the series is artist Phil Briones and his style gives new life to the series. Coupled with the wonderful colors done by Ian Hannin, there is an acute level of detail and it makes a dark world and the struggle look beautiful. It’s not distracting at all as it weaves into the story fittingly.

Are you prepared for the Rise of The Renegades? Harbinger #6 is in stores November 21. There will be plenty more to look forward to!

4 out of 5

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