Review: Half Past Danger #5

Review of: Half Past Danger #5
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Stephen Mooney

Half Past Danger #5

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On September 18, 2013
Last modified:September 18, 2013


Half Past Danger has been a consistently thrilling read month in and month out.

How do you combat an experimental Nazi Submarine that’s armed to the teeth? Why, you commandeer your own, of course! It’s U-Boat versus U-Boat in a tense underwater battle to the death that could determine the entire fate of the dinosaurs, and perhaps that of Tommy’s very soul.

The penultimate issue of IDW’s latest action/adventure miniseries hits this week. Half Past Danger #5 is created, written, and drawn by Stephen Mooney. Jordie Bellaire provides colors with Ruth Redmond lending an assist. The series has been impressive so far, but can Mooney finish strong?

Things were looking pretty grim for Irish when last we saw him. He wasn’t able to stop the evil dinosaur snatching Nazi Toht. In fact Toht had laid a trap with a hungry Tyrannosaurs Rex to put an end to Irish once and for all. Irish is saved from the jaws of the creature thanks to Ishikawa and a not-so-dead after all Captain Noble. The blonde haired American strongman is just full of surprises and secrets. The trio join back up with Agent Moss and commandeer a Nazi sub to try and stop Toht once and for all. What unfolds is an action-packed car chase involving Nazi subs and U-boats. When the team finally catch up to Toht, things go from bad to worse. Toht has been waiting for them, and he has one heck of a surprise of his own. Everyone isn’t who they seem. Can Irish recover from a shocking revelation and stop the Nazis from unleashing the biological weapon they’re using the dinosaurs for?

Mooney writes another spectacular issue. The majority of the book is a tense sub scene where our heroes are trying to catch up with Toht. Mooney pulls out all the stops as we get no end of twists and surprise turns. Having Captain Noble come back from his apparent death would have been a game changer in its own right, but the finale’s reveal takes the cake. There are still a few questions, mainly about Noble, but it seems like we’re in for a heck of a finale. Mooney’s art is fantastic as always. He really gives the book a classic look, much like the action movies of yore the book emulates. This is a fast-paced issue, but Mooney really sells the intensity and emotion with the characters. Bellaire is the best colorist in comics right now, and she absolutely shines with the sub scenes. There’s a red glow throughout those sequences that really makes Mooney’s art pop.

Bottom Line: Half Past Danger has been a consistently thrilling read month in and month out. There’s one issue left, and it looks like it will be the most action-packed one yet. Mooney has presented something really fun and very different with Half Past Danger. The only bad thing you can say about the series is that it’s coming to an end soon. 5/5

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